Green-Wood Cemetery: A Trendy Place to Be Buried!

The internationally renowned Green-Wood Cemetery is one of the first rural cemeteries in the United States. Located in New York, the Cemetery was founded in 1838 and is famous for its outstanding beauty.

During the 1860’s Green-Wood Cemetery became the nation’s most visited tourist attraction. It is recorded that during this time more than 500,000 people visited the Cemetery on an annual basis. This fine and skilfully landscaped land was then popular for family outings, viewing sculptures and enjoying carriage rides. The popularity of Green-Wood Cemetery also inspired the creations of several public parks such as the Central and Prospect Parks of New York.

At present, Green-Wood Cemetery boasts of 478 acres of charming valleys, ponds, hills and paths. It is also home to one of the country’s biggest outdoor collections of statues. The hundreds of old tress and peaceful ambience of the cemetery provides visitors the perfect place to unwind.

Green-Wood is home to about 560,000 permanent residents that include manyCivil War generals, Louis Comfort Tiffany, Boss Tweed, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Leonard Bernstein, numerous baseball legends, artists, national leaders and much more.

This impressive burial ground is much loved by history buffs and bird watchers. Green-Wood is a historic war site. For instance, the Battle of Long Island took place across the burial ground in 1776. It is also a member of Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary System. In 2006 the United States Department of the Interior designated Green-Wood as a National Historic Landmark.

Cremation types include Crematory Columbaria, Hillside IV Mausoleum, Tranquillity Garden which is one of the newest additions, Urn Catalog and Urn Gardens.

Throughout a period of over 170 years Green-Wood Cemetery has been providing families with caring, well-mannered and efficient service. Those who wish to explore the landscapes, art, architecture and history of Green-Wood can do so by staying at a nearby New York City hotel such as the well appointed and contemporary Millennium UN Plaza Hotel New York.

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