Hip Hop Dance – From the Streets to a Global Dance Form

From the 80's street corner in NY and LA you could see the locking, popping, freestyle, up-rocking, down-rocking, grinding, the running man, gangsta walking, krumping, the Harlem shake and breaking. Inside the cipher, the formation circle gathered around a dancer gave birth to the first informal competition.

When passerby's witnessed these freestyle dancers on the streets, in casual and frequent settings, they became more interested. Other technically trained dancers were especially interested, and eventually brought hip hop practice into the studio setting. This setting however is extremely contrasting from the initial freestyle street. The similar movements are used but, in studios, these dances are often choreographed, planned and practiced, unlike the original improvised style of street breakin in the 80's.

The first movies about hip hop dance were Beat Street and Wild Style, both made in the early '80s. Since these first films, these dance movies have become increasingly popular. In 2007, the movie How She Move made many songs popular, including the song G-Slide by Lil Mama, which helped jump start her career. The movie Step Up, about a privileged modern dancer turned hip hop dancer, was received so well that three movies were made.

Now this dance form influences Fashion, Music, Movies, and TV. America's Best Dance Crew is a wildly popular American Idol-esque reality show aiming to find the most talented and entertaining dance group in the nation. ABDC's first season winner, the JabbawockeeZ, are now a featured show in nightly at the Monte Carlo Casino in Las Vegas.

Taking this dance form out of the streets and turning it into a planned and practiced choreographed dance style has forever changed the dance community. It is arguably the most diverse dance form in existence and seems to have no boundaries or depths of influence in mainstream America. Hip Hop today is prominent and thriving in studios, on the streets, and in the professional performing world.

The internet has brought Hip Hop to a global connection allowing cultures to express their own unique self-expressionism. Social networks bring hip-hop-minded dancers together like BlockSavvy and DanceJam. With the ability to access video, music, and dance gear this dance form is growing by leaps and bounds.

The unique and explosive qualities of this dance form have captivated audiences for years and show no signs of slowing down anytime soon! Hop Hip has Growth up and become a Billion dollar industry. Taught in every dance studio across the nation the art form has countless styles within itself. This dance form has spread to Europe, Japan, Europe, and Africa. For example, as Hip Hop evolves in Japan and Italy they are adapting their own cultural influences and dynamics.

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