Holden Beach Vacation Activities

Have you ever wanted to visit Holden Beach for your vacation? Believe it or not, most individuals living in the United States have not ever heard or visited Holden Beach. It is one of the prettiest, largest, and most visited beaches in the States. It is a vacation destination that is truly enjoyed by all who visit the area.

So what is there to do on vacation at Holden Beach? Located on the coast of North Carolina, there aren’t many attractions like in Southern California. You are pretty much limited to beach activities and some shopping. That is perfectly fine because there is a ton of stuff to do to keep everyone in your family busy for the entire trip.


Have you ever been clamming before? I hadn’t until I visited Holden Beach for the first time. One day we decided to go clamming and got all the gear that we needed. When you find the clams, you put them in fresh water in a bucket and it forces them to open their shells slightly. As soon as they do, you can crack them open. It is quite entertaining for young children, if you are brining any along for the trip.


I had never been kayaking on the ocean until I visited Holden Beach. I thought it was just for small lakes and rivers. It was actually pretty fun to rent some kayaks and head out on the open ocean. The water is so blue and crystal clear that you can see all sorts of aquatic wild life as you are out on the open ocean.

Shark Fishing

This is an intense activity enjoyed by anyone over the age of 10. If you look around and find an opportunity to go out on a boat in the middle of the ocean to fish for sharks, you need to take advantage of that. This is something that I had never heard of since most of our beach vacations take place in Southern California. The second time I visited Holden Beach, I actually got to go out and fish for sharks. There are special poles and bait that you use and when you catch one, it is truly amazing!


The lighthouses up and down the coast of North Carolina are truly astounding. They are landmarks that stand high above the coast and are amazing to see. If you do your research, you can book a tour of just about any of the lighthouses in the area and take your family through to see what is inside. This is a great activity for days that are a bit cooler or stormy. No matter what, you need to take the time to go see at least one.

There are lots of other things to do while on vacation at Holden Beach. There is something for everyone and it will be a vacation that neither you, nor any member of your family will forget. So, ditch the traditional Disneyland vacation and head to a new destination, Holden Beach!

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