Hosting The Perfect Fundraiser Event in New York

New York is a major center for World Trade and Commerce and an important tourist destination with thousands of visitors coming to the city every year. It is an important venue for business meeting, international conferences, fashion shows, product launches and fundraising events. New York has millions of people belonging to diverse culture and religion living together. Several fundraising events are being organized throughout the New York City every year. These fundraising events are very important to draw money for the working of several charity and people welfare organizations. The amount of funds raised depends to a larger extend on the success of the event.

Innovative and inventive ideas are required in order to host a successful fundraising event in New York and thereby meet the expected target. The traditional and boring fundraisers do not hold for the present generation. The society needs a bit of glamour and glitz to be part of some event. People would be excited about some fundraiser event only if it offers something different and fun.

Extensive publicity is very important to guarantee the success of fundraisers in New York. Until people are excited to be a part of it, the success of the event is very bleak. The funds collected at the event depend largely on the number of people attending it. Press releases are the best way to create interest among people regarding the event. The venue of the event also decides the fate of the event. Popular venues create as much curiosity among people as the event being planned for the night.

New York has several hotels and restaurants offering event space for fundraisers.  Some of the popular event venues for Fundraisers in New York include: Cipriani, Gotham Hall, Altman Room, Broad Street Ballroom and Capitale.

Broad Street Ballroom: The event space is used to host events such as fundraisers, fashion shows, concerts, weddings, screenings, and theatrical performances. It provides a superb event space and decorated with a 30 foot mosaic pillar and a 225 foot hand decorated fresco wrappings about the wall.

Gotham Hall: Located at the Midtown building, the Gotham Hall consists of a 120 foot ceiling in the main hall, and several smaller event spaces consisting of a lounge, a mezzanine level, main halls and a private entry hall. The main ballroom has the capacity to accommodate 1,200 guests for cocktails, 550 with dancing and 650 for the seated dinner.

Cipriani: This ultra stylish event space is a popular party destination for international social elite, celebrities, and news makers. The guests are sure to be blemished by the perfection, excellence, luxury and beauty that defines Cipriani’s name.

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