Hot Springs In The United States – Where To Find Them?

For centuries people considered hot springs to be a source of curative powers as those seeking to be cured would soak in the water. While the curatives of the water have been downplayed over the years, the springs are still a big attraction for those around the world. In the United States there are many states that feature hot springs. Some of these springs are now the site of huge hotel resorts while others remain largely undeveloped and untouched by man.

The Hoover Dam area features several hot springs for you to visit. The main three are undeveloped but they are still very popular with tourists. If you happen to be in Las Vegas you can get to the springs in less than two hours and they are located just over the Arizona border. The real downfall for these springs is the fact that they are nearly impossible to reach on foot. The best access is by boat but there are several places in the area that rent boats for the purpose of reaching the springs. Be sure to ask for a hot springs route map as they are provided by most of the boat rental places and they offer the best and shortest routes to find the springs.

El Dorado is the place where many have found the peace and tranquility that they are seeking. No where is better for the out lands of hot springs like this Arizona area. The hot springs themselves are in the center of a luxury resort, where spa treatments revolve around their existence. The springs are underground and feature true mineral water that is not only tasteless but also odorless as well. This site is considered to be one of the finest places for taking advantage of the hot springs in a true desert setting.

Florida is the state that boasts a good many hot springs. People the world over have flocked to the state to see and bath in the springs. The springs are located in secluded areas and are home to a whole host of wildlife which includes wild manatees that will approach and frolic with the tourists. One of the more famous hot springs is located inside on the of the Florida State Parks. This area is protected from harm and the springs are available for dips throughout the year. Take your bathing suit along as they are required for entrance into the springs.

For those closer to Las Vegas there is the Rogers Warm Spring. On the site of the Lake Mead Recreation area, the Rogers warm springs are a huge draw for the tourist dollars. The water temperature stays at around ninety degrees year round. While the pool is not really deep it is very large and wide and is perfect for an afternoon of quiet soaking and contemplation. Like the rest of the state there are a good many amenities on site to make your stay even more comfortable.

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