Hotel And Restaurant Management Careers For Service Members

Seeing in world is one of the unique benefits members of the U.S. Armed Forces enjoy. How many of their friends and neighbors back come can say they’ve been to countries like the Philippines, Japan, Bosnia or Afghanistan – not many!
And so when it comes time for military personnel to leave the service, it is not without some regret as they contemplate whether they’ll ever be able to live and work in a foreign country again.

One education path that may be able to provide career opportunities for living in an exotic location is hotel and restaurant management. And while there are obviously hotels and restaurants in ordinary places like your home town, there are certainly many more in states, cities and countries that are beautiful and attract tourists.

If the idea of working in the tourist centers of Florida or aboard a cruise ship appeals to you, perhaps taking a look at the career path of hotel and restaurant management might be right for you.

So what exactly is hotel and restaurant management anyway? This is an education program that trains you to be the person who manages a staff and provides services for the customers of restaurants, hotels and cruise ships, for example. Next time you walk through a hotel lobby, think about all the people and jobs that must be done correctly to make a hotel run correctly -it’s often the graduates of hotel and restaurant management programs who manage this process.
So what kind of jobs can I get with this training? People with training in hotel and restaurant management may be hired as a front office manager, lodging manager, convention services manager or general manager.

Graduates can work in all segments of the hospitality industry, including resorts, airlines and even cruise ships. Just think about it: when you take a cruise, dozens and dozens of people are responsible for feeding you, lodging you and making sure that you have the perfect vacation. Why not travel and get paid for it!

Service members should know that they can use their Military Tuition Assistance benefits to train for a hospitality career – they can even train 100% online with distance education. There are a number of hotel and restaurant management career training programs that offer online courses. And while some universities offer a degree program in this discipline, there are also vocational career training schools where you can finish the program and graduate with a certificate.

The program is a particularly great match for those service members whose MOS involves lodging, feeding and caring for the logistical needs of their fellow service members. Although the chow line is not the same as the buffet line at a Las Vegas hotel, service members can surely build on their military skills to map out a satisfying career in the hospitality industry.

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