Hotel Jobs in Riyadh

Riyadh, the capital city of Saudi Arabia, is also the largest city of this Gulf nation. It lies in the central region and is the economic hub of the nation. With growth in its economy and diversification into sectors other than oil and gas, there has also been a spurt in jobs in Riyadh. Other industries such as tourism, banking, construction etc are attracting foreign workforce into Riyadh. High paying jobs in Riyadh can be found in different industries now. The amazing infrastructure and architecture of the city is another puller that makes it an attractive career destination. The broad highways and the tall buildings speak for themselves in Riyadh. The road network is impressive and is expanding at a fast pace.

Since Riyadh has the political and the economic focus of the region, the tourism is also developing in the city. Business travelers come in large numbers to visit this capital of Saudi Arabia, the largest producer of oil and gas jobs in Gulf. To cater to these tourists, a lot of new hotels are also coming up in the city. These new hotels are being developed to meet growing demand from business travelers. The room rates and hotel charges are also very high in Riyadh. Despite the current economic downturn, Riyadh is spinning money in the hotel industry. In fact, at a time when room rates have been falling in other major cities of the world such as London and New York, it has risen in Riyadh. This has led to expansion as well as development of new hotels in Riyadh. Consequently, there are a lot of new hotel jobs in Riyadh that have been created in the recent times.

A lot of working executives and sales representatives travel to Riyadh on business. However, the number of luxury holiday-ers is not as high. Despite this, new builders are coming up with hotel projects in Riyadh. In the last year only, five new hotels were opened in Riyadh. Foreign investment is also being made to reap riches from this booming industry. This has led to a boost in the hospitality jobs in Riyadh. Locals do not suffice and invariably expatriates are hired for jobs across all experience levels. From front-office executives to chefs to managers, to waiting staff to housekeeping staff, there is demand for all types of skilled workforce in this industry to work in Riyadh.

Job vacancies for hotel jobs in Riyadh are being advertised in newspapers, job portals, company websites and also available through references and job consultants. There is a bright chance for professionals with exposure and experience of having worked with big, international brands in the hospitality industry. The salaries offered are very attractive. In fact, salaries are the biggest puller that drive foreign workforce to work in Riyadh. The earning is tax-free and leads to a lot of savings for the expatriates. The environment in conservative and would require some adjusting to in the beginning. But otherwise, Riyadh offers a very luxurious lifestyle to people who come to the city to work.

Now, the government is putting in efforts and money to attract travelers other than the business travelers. A lot of money is being pumped in currently to promote Riyadh as a tourist destination. Other than religious tourism, domestic tourism is also being encouraged to increase consumer spending. The hotel rooms are generally packed during the winter and the spring season. However, during summers, most Saudi nationals travel to cooler destinations. Government is now taking efforts to curb that capital outflow. In

Before taking up a hotel job in Riyadh, it is important to learn about the lifestyle and the cultural mindset of the city. It is a conservative Islamist society and does not offer many recreational activities like in Dubai or other Gulf cities. The missing of opposite sexes is discouraged. The laws are strict and therefore the crime level is also low. The use of alcohol is prohibited. While the money paid is good and life is peaceful if one stays on the right side of the law, it will take some time to get used to living in Riyadh. All other luxuries and comforts are offered to expatriates who come to the city to work. It is advisable to join online forums and talk to people already working in Riyadh to get first-hand information about working in Riyadh.

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