House Water Filters – A Ceramet Solution

Hard water is a issue for the vast majority of homeowners in the United Kingdom and it has already been projected by the major water authorities that as much as 60-70% of UK homes have hardened water piped in to their systems leading to major problems to home appliances and heating systems. So exactly what is hard water and why is it so much of a challenge as mineral water is recognized to have numerous health advantages!

In a nutshell, hard water occurs from rain water that has made contact with either limestone or chalk rock which attracts the minerals, calcium and magnesium away from the limestone and chalk. These minerals have many advantages for human health but not in its existing form as the minerals harden especially when the water is heated over 55 degrees centigrade.

In reality the water can be an irritant to the skin for many individuals as it can make the pores and skin dry and flaky possibly leading to causing eczema. Rain water coming off land that is made up of limestone typically has a higher than average mineral content of solid crystals which when heated and cooled forms a white sludge found at the bottom of kettles and other heating appliances such as heating systems. The pipes leading to these heating systems ultimately become clogged up with limescale resulting in decreased water pressure and greater energy costs in order to pressure the water through the heating system.

A possible remedy to resolving hard water problems is to transform the hardened mineral crystals of calcium and magnesium into smaller softer crystals known as nano crystals which stay suspended in the water. This is a revolutionary concept that is done by using a ceramet granular ceramic media which forces hard water to travel through the ceramet media in an up-flow direction changing the crystals into nano crystals.

Furthermore, there is no sodium added to the water which is a normal practice in current water softening systems and this process is looking likely to getting prohibited under new European Legislation. Aquatiere, is a UK registered company that is leading the way to filtering hardened and chlorinated water safely with ceramet granular ceramic media.

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