How Do You Choose Your Favorite Travel Destination?

What is your favorite holiday destination and how do you decide it is your favorite? Is it because you long to visit there to see the culture that lies within? Is your favorite destination related to the kind of people you can meet there? Is your choice related to the weather conditions that may be on offer? Is your choice related to the type of history or architecture on offer? Is your favorite destination a place you already went and experienced great feelings or a special event took place? Is it related to the atmosphere that you can find in that destination? Whatever your reason is for your favorite holiday destination it will not be the same for everyone else.

My favorite destination does not even appear in the list below and I guess that may have something to do with the relative closeness to my home country however it should not be a country dismissed off the bat. There are so many nearby countries as well all with unique experiences to offer and if you have perhaps been considering your choice for the next trip you make then you may want to look into what I consider a wonderful holiday destination.

I am referring to Thailand and all that is on offer, as well as the surrounding Asian countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia or Singapore. There are amazing experiences to be had in these Asian areas with a tremendous range of adventure or relaxation options to be experienced and for me a great area to enjoy a well deserved break from day to day work and escape to virtual paradise. But that is just my opinion.

It is said the top 5 favorite holiday destinations over the previous few years are these countries, France, Spain, United States of America, Italy and China. So was France your first choice? Perhaps this current list relates more to those that have closer access to holiday spots without further investigation as to where these holiday makers originated from it is impossible to know the reasons that France was considered number one.

France of course does have wonderful sites and culture and so many historical places that are world famous. If you only went to France for the Eiffel Tower that would be an experience in itself. With Spain as number two this can no doubt have some impact relating to the weather conditions during the summer periods and the amazing beaches on offer not to mention the marvelous cities of Barcelona and Madrid.

The United States of America also has a high ranking in this list however it is likely that many of these visitors are in fact American themselves. The popular areas being California and Florida which are known well for their incredible beach resort options as well as New York the Big Apple being high on the list.

Then of course we have the wonderful Italian option with Italy being a favorite of many and with cities such as Florence, Venice, Rome and Milan what is not to enjoy.

There are of course hundreds of wonderful travel destinations worldwide and Asia is often a popular destination as well. Overall there were previously more holiday makers as the years go on so it will be interesting to see if there is a change to this situation with the state of the economy today. Perhaps more people will take the time to visit in their own countries and the nearby places they have yet to see. Or for those that have close access to nearby countries perhaps they will remain closer to home with their holiday plans.

It is of course impossible to say and only time will tell with the next poll taken on what are considered the most popular destinations for our population to take their well deserved holidays. What ever travel destination is your next choice make sure you get the experience you want from your holiday and perhaps it will move to number 1 on your list.

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