How Doctors are Helping Patients Afford their Treatment with Crowdfunding Platforms

A doctor in West Bengal once had a patient who was a little girl with a rare kind of blood cancer that affected the brain. The only solution that had high chances of saving the 5-year-old girl was a bone marrow transplant. Coming from a family of below-average wealth, the girl’s parents nearly fainted when they were given an estimate of what the procedure would cost them (Rs 25 lakhs). Devastated when they realized they couldn’t afford to save their only daughter decided to take her home.

Crowdfunding stopped them from giving up on their daughter. When Antara’s story was put up on an Indian crowdfunding platform and publicized, donations in India poured in to successfully help her parents afford her transplant.

Doctors across the country are turning to crowdfunding to help their patients afford the rising expenses for the treatment they need to save their lives. Many crowdfunding platforms in India and other countries have been partnering with an increasing number of hospitals and clinics over the last few years to raise awareness about the crowdfunding industry and impact the lives of thousands of patients like the little girl from West Bengal. Doctors in these medical institutes educate their patients on how crowdfunding works and get them in touch with crowdfunding websites that they can raise funds with.

For nearly a decade now, crowdfunding has propelled many causes across the world. Not only patients, but nonprofits, artists and more entities have taken advantage of the industry to fund their many projects.Medical fundraisers comprise nearly half the crowdfunding industry in India, where an individual of average earning has trouble affording the treatment they or their loved ones need. Patients with families, friends and colleagues who are willing to help them afford their treatment can now easily collect money on a safe platform online. 50,000+ families in remote areas, rural villages, first time internet users have successfully raised the funds they needed for their sick loved ones with the help of a hardworking, compassionate team at an Indian crowdfunding website such as Impact Guru. This way, doctors have a smoother practice as well, with less obstacles in the form of unpaid bills and medical procedures on hold.

Medical crowdfunding is already popular in India but it is rapidly gaining more traction in not only urban but semi-rural communities as well. If you know someone who needs funds to afford their medical treatment, don’t hesitate. Start crowdfunding today.

Danny White Author