How to Choose the Seasonal Best Floor Mats for Cars

A common misconception that some car owners have is that seasonal car mats are just for decoration. While seasonal car mats can add to the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle’s interior, they also play the important role of protecting your vehicle from grime, moisture, road salt, dirt, and other debris. Not only do these car accessories extend the life of the carpet in your vehicle, but they can also prevent corrosion over your vehicle’s lifetime. Here are a few tips that will help you choose the seasonal best floor mats for cars.

What Is a Seasonal Car Mat?

You can expect a car mat for the summer to look a lot different from a car mat for the winter. In most climates, the weather is a lot drier during the summer than the winter. Due to the reduced precipitation, the roads tend to be far cleaner. Therefore, many car owners are able to use a thinner mat in the summer than in the winter. This thin car mat can be covered with an aesthetically appealing fabric that goes well with the interior carpet of the vehicle. Not only are summer floor mats aesthetically appealing, but they also usually have hooks in the fabric. The purpose of these hooks is to hold on to debris and prevent said debris from spreading throughout the vehicle. The underside of a summer mat is usually made of rubber or plastic.

When the winter months are around the corner, it is a good idea to install a car mat that will more rigorously keep the interior of your vehicle clean. Winter mats are usually made out of a thick material. These winter car mats often have a plastic or rubber lip around the edge. The purpose of these traps is to prevent snow, dirt, salt, and rain from spilling onto the floor of your vehicle. This will in turn protect your vehicle from corrosion and rust over time.

Consider Fit

It is essential that you consider fit when shopping for the seasonal best floor mats for cars. You want to purchase a mat that was designed specifically for the floor plan of your vehicle. Otherwise, you may end up dealing with insufficient coverage. Another possibility is that the car mat will be too bulky and get in the way when you’re trying to hit the brake or gas. Quality mats usually have mounting tabs or small holes to allow them to fit perfectly with the hooks on the floor of your vehicle. This will prevent the mat from sliding as you drive or get in your vehicle.

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Paul Petersen Author