How to Enhance the Tropical Feel of your Commercial Pool Construction  

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There’s no better place for swimming than a tropical oasis! Whether you’re running a gym or a hotel, turning your pool into a tropical paradise can help attract customers and make their experience more enjoyable. These 5 tips will help you turn your commercial pool construction into a tropical fantasy land with rainforest plants, wild water features and other exotic details.

Tropical Plants

Line the pool deck with tropical plants in large, heavy planters. Bigger plants help guests imagine that they are in a tropical forested area, like a rain forest or on a deserted island. Bigger plants also provide some shade to guests or customers. If possible, cluster lounge chairs around the largest plants to ensure that there are plenty of shady, sheltered areas for swimmers to relax. Keep the planters far enough away from the edge of the pool that people will have room to walk and lounge on the pool side without being in danger of falling in.

If you’re having trouble picking the right plants, look for exotic flowering lilies and plants with large fronds. Avoid tropical plants that produce a lot of messy leaves (like bamboo). Dead leaves can get into your pool and create mess or mechanical problems.

Waterfall Features

Waterfall features provide beauty and the pleasant sound of trickling water, which adds to the atmosphere around your pool’s deck. Waterfall features are best built into the pool itself, to give swimmers a fun place to play in the water. Work with your pool contractor during your commercial pool construction to design a pool that includes a safe and beautiful waterfall.

Irregular Pool Shape

Although the traditional shape for a pool is a rectangle or an oval, these are not the kind of shapes that normally appear in nature. To make your pool seem more like a body of water that you would find in a rain forest, work with your construction contractor to design an irregular pool shape.

Bamboo Furniture

Bamboo plants aren’t great for your pool deck, but bamboo furniture is perfect! Pick out comfortable reclining bamboo furniture to add to the effect and make your pool a more enjoyable place to be.

Hawaiian Music

Built-in speakers playing Hawaiian music can be the finishing touch on your tropical paradise. Your customers will love spending time at your facility, and will love swimming in your pool.

Turning your pool into a tropical paradise helps your customers enjoy a fantasy of luxury and comfort. At PoolWerx, we help commercial business owners by providing specialist pool services. To find out more about how we can help you, contact us today.

Sheri Croll Author