How to take care of your Littmann?

A stethoscope is perhaps one of the most elementary equipment’ used by a doctor on a daily basis. Most usually prefer 3M Littman stethoscopes that are durable and last years at a stretch. Buy Littman stethoscope online in India if you’re looking for high-quality equipment delivered to your doorstep. Smart Medical Buyer, India’s largest online medical supplies store, is an authorized partner of 3M Littmann, so be assured of finding different models with customisations in colours and chest pieces, along with laser engraving.

It is a known fact that Littman offers the best-quality stethoscopes with impeccable sound quality and comfort. However, gradual wear and tear is anticipated given its frequent use.  With some TLC, you can ensure the pristine condition of your Littmann Stethoscopefor longer. Some of the best ways include:

Caring for the Tube

The tube of the stethoscope breaks or cracks since the stethoscope is mostly worn around your neck during a shift. While it might be convenient, the incessant rubbing of the tube against your coat or skin develops friction, which leads to cracks and eventual breakage. You are advised to carry it in the pocket or the case.

Going overboard with wiping the tube can alsocause cracks. Therefore, you must clean it once or twice a month at the most with soapy water and a soft cloth or a paper towel. Soak the cloth or paper in the water and wipe the tube. Next, wipe the tube with a dry cloth. Refrain from using alcohol to clean the tube as it can potentially damage the tube which is made from PVC.

Cleaning the Diaphragm & Chest piece

The chest piece and the diaphragm require frequent cleaning. As far as the chest piece is concerned, use a cotton ball or swab dipped in 70% isopropyl rubbing alcohol or 70% rubbing alcohol prep pads. It is advisable to let the alcohol remain on the chest piece for about ten seconds before you wipe it off. Use a cotton swab soaked in rubbing alcohol to clean complicated areas like the circumference of the stem.

Cleaning the Headsets

It is fairly simple to clean the headsets. Alcohol wipes or cotton balls soaked in rubbing alcohol are enough. Simply hold the headset between the wipe and swipe upwards or downwards. You may swipe with a dry cloth if required.

Cleaning the Earplugs

For obvious reasons, earplugs can get dirty often and require regular cleaning as well. They are easily detachable and replaceable in case they can’t be restored, although you shouldn’t let such a situation arise. Use cotton swabs dipped in rubbing alcohol and clean the crevices of the eartips with smooth circular motions. Repeat the motions as many times as necessary.

Tips to remember:

  • Never dip the stethoscope in a liquid or subject it to sterilization
  • Avoid introducing the stethoscope to high temperatures, oils, and solvents
  • Align the headsets together before use
  • Always the ear tip size that fits you
  • Dry all the parts before reassembling and using them

A Littman Stethoscope in India comes with an instruction manual which you must follow to ensure its longevity and optimised performance. You can view the different models of 3M Littmann stethoscopes available on Smart Medical Buyer.

Sheri Croll Author