Hybrid or Electric? Toyota Continues to Innovate

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In a world where electric calls are all the rage, Toyota continues to focus on optimizing their line of hybrid vehicles. While this may seem like a surprising move, hybrids offers many benefits that have gone unnoticed in mainstream media coverage. Electric cars, while excellent at helping save the environment, are still in their infancy — with ranges far shorter than those of gasoline-powered vehicles or hybrids. This limited range has caused some consumers concern as charging stations still aren’t as prevalent and can be challenging to find. However, Toyota’s vision for the future is different. 

Affordable Hybrids?

In the roads around Toyota of Lancaster in California, you’ll see any number of hybrids and electric vehicles. While traditionally these cars and SUVs have come with a higher price tag, Toyota continues to be an innovator in this growing space. While still slightly more costly than their gasoline-powered alternatives, hybrids are becoming surprisingly affordable. Standard hybrids use a combination of regenerative braking and an attached battery pack to supplement the internal combustion engine, but generally are not charged at traditional charging stations as full electric vehicles are. Depending on your driving habits, a hybrid may be the ideal choice for city driving as the engines tend to be incredibly efficient in low-drain areas such as during your daily commute.

New Day, New Tech for Toyota

The Toyota Prius provides a crossover feel that doesn’t look or drive like what you would expect from a hybrid. With a stellar 48 city / 46 combined mpg rate, this fuel-efficient mode of transportation has looks that get noticed. Driver-assist technologies such as integrated backup cameras, pre-collision systems, automatic high beams and lane departure alerts help Toyota of Lancaster drivers safe on the road by minimizing the risk of front collisions and improving nighttime vision. A silky smooth ride and exceptional handling provide additional reasons for making the switch from traditional gas-powered vehicles to this sporty little hybrid. 

Hybrid SUVs

One of the biggest challenges that Toyota of Lancaster SUV customers have is with the cost of gasoline for larger vehicles. The good news is that you can improve gas mileage dramatically by moving in the direction of a hybrid SUV or crossover, such as the Toyota RAV4. With an average 34 miles per gallon for city driving, this is far from the gas-guzzling number you would expect from a vehicle of this size. With added amenities available such as heated seats, blind spot monitoring systems and all-wheel drive, the RAV4 offers excitement that has a true benefit to the environment. 

Toyota continues their history of innovation with a wide range of vehicles that provide you with choices that you can feel good about as a consumer. Come see more today at Toyota of Lancaster, or give us a call at 855-660-7659.