In Russia My Brother’s Indian Wedding With a Russian Girl

It is not long time ago that my brother got married in Russia with a Russian girl. My brother Rahul got wed with Nikita. My brother is a surgeon in Moscow. He did his MBBS there and got job too after MBBS. He has become very fluent in Russian now and little bit Russian we now have started to speak. So it is my brother’s Russian love story that I’m going to share with you that happened not as an accident but definitely by chance.

When my brother reached in Russia for his MBBS, he was mere 20, and winter was time there. He told me that when he reached Moscow, he was already shivering and a little bit jammed inside that he could not speak. He went to Lomonosov Moscow State University after departing from airport and there did all the formalities which were required when reaching there. He stayed with an Indian friend to whom he met through Facebook. There were many from India so he got relief seeing Indian faces. It is always the case that in any stranger country when you see someone like yours whom you don’t know but get a kind of relief when you see him/her. Where he was staying, before the house was a girl hostel, still is, where Nikita used to live. My brother said about her that they always used to see each other, though didn’t know but just smiled. My brother was little dumb that he couldn’t approach her for date knowing that she would say yes if asked. That’s why he was dumb.

He came to know from his Russian friends’ sources that the girl was a literature student doing degree in English and Russian literature. For two years my brother just smiled seeing her rather than asking her for anything. This is the problem with nerds. But one day while coming from college my brother saw the girl with another Indian student from the same university in a restaurant, and he got very jealous seeing her with another man. That time, he, whole night waited for her under a lamp post near her house. It was around 3 pm she came. The guy left her in a car. She was happy but my brother was really jealous. When she passed near him ignoring him, even not giving smile, he asked her, “why did you go with that guy?” and the girl replied, “Sorry, who are you?” As she asked this question he kissed her, and life settled! Now the real love story started.  Girl didn’t say anything and went to her room.

Next morning when my brother got up, she was waiting for him outside the university. And it was not my brother that approached her for marriage but she did. My brother couldn’t deny and said ‘Yes’ to her. He informed us too, family, in Bangalore. We were a kind of bit sad but happy for him too. Date fixed, all wedding schedule almost fixed and we started to search for a wedding planner who had experience of planning wedding in international locations. First we made a list of top wedding planners in Bangalore and then started to contact and meet them one by one.

The list of wedding planner we got from Shaadidukaan. After booking a wedding planner finally, we with him went to Moscow and did there my brother marriage with Nikita, the girl of his dream.