Interesting Facts About Amravati

Amravati is a well known tourist destination situated in the Indian State of Maharashtra. Both Hindu and Non-Hindu tourists flock to this place all through the year because the city houses some of the ancient temples, surrounded by beautiful lakes and forests.

Goddess Ambadevi is the most venerated deity in this city with the temple located in the heart of the city. You will be enriched with more facts about Amravati as you read on. The whole city has a kind of an old world charm to it. The city is famous for its temples, lakes, tiger reserves and a wildlife sanctuary.

The Ambadevi Temple is the main attraction of this town as it draws huge numbers of devotees visit the temple every day. Legend has it that the city got its name from Lord Indra, the king of Gods. There are various other activities that you can do in Amravati apart from visiting temples. You can go for boating and picnics at the Chhatri Talao, a lake on the outskirts of the city. Another interesting aspect about Amravati is its tiger reserves; one of the few in the country. The reserve houses quite a number of Royal Bengal Tigers.

Good transportation network exists from Amravati to the neighboring cities and districts. The nearest airport is in Nagpur and the railway station is located within the city. Buses ply to and from the city to the neighboring places. Another simmering fact about Amravati is its heat! The summers are too hot to venture out with hot winds blowing. So it’s advisable to visit this city in the winter months from October to March when the temperatures are a bit cooler. It is during these winter months that the city receives an influx of tourists, both from India and abroad.

With the cotton industry gaining rapid growth in this region, the economy is in a boom. Major revenue comes from the huge exports of cotton and some other commercial goods. Marathi, Hindi and English are the major languages spoken here though Marathi is more prominent.

Another interesting fact about Amravati is that the whole city is situated between two rivers; Purna River on the west and Wardha River on the east. At the outset, the whole city is quite picturesque with hilly surroundings. Staying in Nagpur which is quite close is the best option for tourists. It is truly an exhilarating experience to visit this place.

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