Ipoh- best family hotels to spend your holiday in a new place

Thinking of travelling Ipoh? Well it is a place which is a must on the list of the holidayers. But are you aware of the details of the Ipoh? Here are some of the facts about the place.

Ipoh is the biggest city in the Perak, Malaysia. It is north of Kuala Lumpur. This place is considered the biggest in the Perak. Though Ipoh was not a popular destination once in the past, but in recent time, this place has got a new height of popularity. They are breaking the common popularities of Malaysia. Thus people are finding interest in this new destination of holiday.

But what is so special about his city in Malaysia?

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Know why you should visit the Ipoh

Ipoh’s gives you the picture of India in its little lanes and glittering shops. They have some of the best places to eat the favorite dishes at Ipoh. At Ipoh you can also watch the street art which is brightening in the corners. Ipoh’s new town in the east also serves some regional dishes like the ayam tauge, white coffee and bean curd puddings.

Besides the eateries, you can also get the shopping malls, luxurious hotels and lots of bars at the north side of the city.

Thus the city is the mixture of every little entertainment for you in a new way. It is the best known as the best gateway to the Cameron highlands.

Best place to enjoy your food

Here are some of the best places to eat at this place:

  1. Lim Ko Pi- Chinese eateries at this place is excellent and the breakfast at this place is also good.
  2. LouWong- Try the Ipoh’s signature dishes at this place. And you will love to come back again at this place
  3. Concubine lane tau fufa- another option for the Chinese dishes to be enjoyed at.
  4. Sri AnandaBhawanbanans leaf- an Indian food store where you will every varieties of Indian food.
  5. XinQuan fang- another Mongolian restaurant with different dishes of Mongolian flavors.
  6. Mee Hakka- a Malaysian restaurant to try out the regional food of Malaysia.
  7. Salim- a second option of the Indian food at the Malaysian city.

So you got different place to enjoy your food at the Ipoh city. Now what about the staying at the place?

Budgetary and luxury hotels at the city

There are many hotel for families near Ipoh railway stationMost of them are the budgetary hotels and anyone can rent the rooms there. Also it is a good accessibility to different transports especially the trains. With the railway station at an accessible distance, the trains can be used for the local visit. Thus this can also help in experiencing the local life.

Besides the hotel for families near Ipoh railway station, you can find other luxurious hotels which are star rated. They have a splendid arrangement to spend some good time at the city and enjoy your time.

So next time when you plan the holidays at Malaysia, plan it only for Ipoh. Spend some ofteh memorable time at this city with new experiences.

Clare Louise Author