Is It a Good Choice to Hire a Doula for Baby’s Birth?

First, you would want to know how to define doula? A person who provides physical and emotional support during the time of your pregnancy and childbirth is called doula. They aren’t there for delivering babies, and they aren’t licensed to provide medical support. The support the pregnant woman and her partner to go through the exiting time of pregnancy till the childbirth and then even take care after the childbirth.

What is the job of a doula?

A doula performs several functions as per your need:

  • Birth or labor doula: They provide care continuously during labor.
  • Antepartum doula: They support the woman who is at bedrest to prevent preterm labor. They will look after your children and other household tasks.
  • Postpartum doula: During the first few weeks after the childbirth, support might be needed to the new mom. They will help you in feeding the baby, and other household tasks.

What are the ways a doula will work with you?

When you are pregnant and before the birth of your child a doula will:

  • At your second or third trimester, they will meet you to make you acquainted
  • Breathing and relaxation skills will be taught to you
  • If you have any questions regarding the childbirth process, they will answer
  • You will be made to understand the process of labor and delivery and also tell you about the possible complications
  • A birth plan will be made with your help

At the time of labor, a doula will:

  • For your support and comfort, they will constantly stay with you
  • They will touch you and massage you to help you rest and relax
  • Will get you in comfortable positions
  • Serve you with adequate fluids and nutrition
  • Will talk to the medical staffs on your behalf
  • Will reassure your partner and make him involved

When the delivery is over, a doula will:

  • After bringing baby home, she will encourage you and your partner
  • Make sure that you and your partner know how to care for your baby
  • Assist you with breastfeeding
  • Support your partner and other family members the techniques to help you
  • Take proper care of you including your rest, staying hydrated, comfort and eating regularly.