Is the Condor Hotel only meant for business travelers?

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Located at the heart of Williamsburg Brooklyn, this awesome hotel called the Condor Hotel is a premium and affordable hotel which has been designed like an inviting oasis among all the Brooklyn hotels. If you had thought that this hotel only attracts the corporate travelers, you’re wrong as they attract leisure travelers as well who are traveling only for personal purposes. If you’re someone who is just looking for extended hotel stays within Brooklyn, the Condor Hotel is definitely the best option for them.

The staff there have a very warm way of welcoming the guests with a broad smile and folded hands which gives the clients a true sense of their ethic. The best part is that guests can take full advantage of the location of the Condor Hotel as it lies in close proximity with the local shops, restaurants, public transports and cafes. Within no time can you be within the city.

Amenities and services of the Brooklyn Condor Hotel

The Condor hotel in Brooklyn is the first name which comes to our mind when we speak of convenience and comfort. Being known as one of the most preferred hotels in Brooklyn, here are the few things which are offered by them.

  • Garden

The Condor Hotel offers you a manicured garden and it is deemed to be an oasis amidst the desert. With its calm and serene environment and backdrop, it is definitely one of the best places to be for a tourist who has arrived in search of mental peace.

  • Living room services

If you’re looking forward to relax, the living room of the Condor Hotel is certainly the place to be. Unwind, relax, socialize and meet new friends in the living room of this hotel. You can also conduct different personal celebrations which can be arranged at different venues. The Condor living zone is always calm and quiet and the guests can get a flat-screen TV, computer, ATM, maps and magazines.

  • Breakfast


They serve you continental breakfast in the dining area and you get to choose from a wide variety of options. You get yogurts, Belgian waffles, croissants, muffins, tea, assortment of fresh fruit and coffee. The breakfast is complementary which means that it is included within the rate charged for your room.

Therefore, if you’re feeling like going out for a vacation to Brooklyn, make sure you book your stay at Condor Hotel to get the above mentioned amenities and services.