Jamaica Attractions: Boston Bay Beach

Jamaica promises an ideal tropical escape complete with sun, sand and the vast exapnse of the sparkling waters of the Caribbean Sea. Those looking for a beachfront holiday will not be disappointed. Jamaica has pioneered the concept of vacation resorts with their own stretch of private beaches, however if you wish to venture out of your own exclusive Jamaica villa, there are no dearth of beaches that you can explore. One such beach is the Boston Bay Beach on the eastern coast of Jamaica, 4.9 miles from Athenry Gardens. Boston Bay. It is close to Priestman’s River, so exploring the town is also very convenient.

 Boston Bay Beach is the place to be in if you want a secluded corner to let your fantasies run wild or be as near as the tourist attractions as you want. The sand here has a golden hue and you can listen to the sound of the waves washing against the rocky and rough bay. You can simply relax in the golden sand or grab a surfboard and take a lesson in wind surfing, or venture further out to some good snorkeling sites.

 The beach is also perfect for a family picnic for it is dotted with a number of vendors offering the sumptuous of jerk meals. Alternatively, you can also dine at the Blue Mountain Inn or better still, if you are staying in your own private villa or apartment, you can bring along a picnic lunch from your home. Sometimes, music shows are also held during the weekends. The beach is also the perfect place to mingle with the locals.

 Boston Bay Beach is also conveniently located close to several natural attractions that are well worth a visit. One such attraction is Athenry Gardens, located at about 4.9 miles to the west of Boston Bay. If you are interested in the history of Jamaica, you can go to the

Lighthouse in Port Antonio, which is located 7.8 miles to the west of Boston Bay. You can also check out Rio Grande Rafting, Somerset Falls, and Blue Mountain-John Crow National Park.

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