Jamaica Wedding Tips

If you are one who is interested to have a destination wedding in Jamaica, then you may need tips for your Jamaica wedding. The most important in Jamaica wedding planning is to start your planning early. Sometimes a destination wedding can be planned at the last minute, but it would be better if you plan ahead. By the time you and your spouse have decided to get married in Jamaica, it is time to begin the planning process.

There are several travel restrictions rules and you should understand in doing Jamaica wedding. You and your spouse need a valid passport to enter Jamaica. Passports can take several months to receive and their costs must also be included in your wedding budget. If you intend to invite your family and friends, then you also need to give them enough time to order and get their passports.

Always remember, let your guests know about your Jamaica wedding plans in advance because it allows them to save money for the trip. For those who may need convincing, remind them that they are not only able to attend your wedding, but they also can have a Jamaica vacation.

Most couples plan their wedding first and then discuss their honeymoon later. Jamaica is known as not only being the perfect place to have a romantic getaway, but a fun vacation as well. There are a number of fun activities that you and your partner do there, including snorkeling, hiking, tours, and boating. Jamaica is also a center for some fun, romantic, and educational tours.

In Jamaica there are also resorts that offer vacation packages; this package even includes a free wedding. Most of the resorts have to directly tell you what your free wedding will include, such as photographers, DJ or serving. The good news is that many of Jamaica all-inclusive resorts allow you to upgrade your free wedding for your dream wedding for a reasonable fee.

As stated earlier, there are a number of Jamaica resorts that allow you to marry a guest, sometimes free. If you have the heart to visit certain areas of Jamaica, like Ocho Rios, looking for the nearest resort. With that said, Jamaica is home to some adults and couples resorts.

In short a word, make your Jamaica wedding plans long before your special day. Make sure you and your guests have a valid passport, consider to get married and honeymoon in Jamaica, and examine all-inclusive resorts where you may be able to have a free wedding.

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