Jordan Petra Tour Gives You An Experience You Will Cherish For Life

If you are planning to visit the historic UNESCO World Heritage site of Petra in Jordan it would be nice to spare at least two to three days. If you are in Jordan, the focus of your visit is Petra with its unique attractions. This lost, ancient city of the Nabataeans is a tribute to hydraulic engineering, and for its rose-red stone monuments the most famous of which are The Temple and The Treasury. A well-planned city, Petra had colonnaded streets with the Theater in the East cut into the mountain and Qasr al-Bint in the West. The Monastery is another grand building carved into the mountain face.

 Tourists approach to the site through a narrow passage that opens up to a grand visa of rock all in rose pink, a reason why Petra is also called the Rose-Red City. There are dozens of sites strewn around, and excavation is still in progress. However, even what is excavated of this ancient city dating back to 312BC is worth more than a passing look. For the best Jordan Petra tour experience, arrive in Wadi Musa after a brief stopover in Wadi Rum where you will find the Seven Pillars of Wisdom and Thamudic inscriptions cut on the mountainsides, as well as remnants of an ancient Nabataean temple. Stay overnight in Wadi Musa where it is said Prophet Moses struck the ground and water gushed forth. You could opt for a stay in any of the hotels or in a Bedouin encampment for a truly Jordanian experience before you rise the next day, early in the morning to catch the Sun’s rays painting the rock faces a golden crimson hue. This alone repays all the trouble and expense of going all the way to Petra and the overnight stay. Petra flourished under the Nabataeans until the Romans took over, and they were followed by the Byzantian rule, and after that by Arabs. It is an area so replete with history that one day is just not enough if you wish to go beyond the Treasury, the Theater, the Monastery and the Tombs.

 A three days Jordan Petra tour is the best one you should select because, after your Wadi Rum and Petra visit you can proceed to Aqaba, a city on the shores of the Red Sea where you can go diving in its warm waters and explore the rich marine life. If Petra, Wadi Musa and Wadi Rum are the main attractions, Aqaba comes as the dessert, and talking of food, do not forget to sample Baklava and coffee. Jordan’s cuisine is exquisite, and your Jordan Petra tour gives a chance to sample authentic food in native setting.

 An Israel based Petra, Jordan tour operator is your best bet because, in addition to Petra and Aqaba visit you can relax in Eilat, and also take in the Dead Sea, giving you much more value for your money and a variegated experience. 

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