Kent Shoe Sole Cleaner: The Innovative Appliance for Cleaning Shoe Soles

Kent is one of the leading home appliance manufacturers as it has products for almost everything. When we talk about efficient vacuum cleaners, Kent is the first brand name that comes to the mind.

Kent Shoe Sole Cleaner is one of the company’s home appliances that use their flagship noiseless vacuum suction technology efficiently. This way, the appliance easily cleans any type of dust and dirt from shoe soles. With the amazing features that it comes equipped with, it’s not surprising that it is the best vacuum cleaner in India.

Here are some of the features that make it an innovative appliance for cleaning shoe soles:

  • Automatic Shoe Sole Cleaning Operation:

Kent Shoe Sole Cleaner prides on the fact that it is an automatic home appliance. All you need to do is plug the appliance in the socket and switch it on. An LED indicator would glow as soon as the appliance is ready to be used for cleaning purposes. Once it is ready to use, all you need to do is place the shoe on the brush and the operation would automatically start. Once you remove your shoe, the appliance automatically shuts off as well. This automatic cleaning operation is highly convenient for entrance to houses and offices if you want to keep your house or office clean.

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  • Rotating Brush Functionality:

Kent Shoe Sole Cleaner is a very innovative appliance. It uses the simple concept of rotating brush to clean the dirty sole of your shoe. Once you keep the shoe on the appliance, the function starts up automatically and the brush starts rotating. This cleans up all kinds of impurities from the shoe sole. The brush moves rapidly, which allows for a rigorous cleanup of shoe soles. This makes the appliance function efficiently and it is easy to use.

  • Strong and Noiseless Vacuum Suction Capability:

Kent Shoe Sole Cleaner is one of the most powerful shoe sole cleaners in the market. Its strong vacuum power suction allows scooping of all kinds of dust and dirt from your shoe sole so that it is completely clean. This highly efficient vacuum cleaner exposes the shoe sole dirt that is stuck deep inside the grooves of your shoe sole and removes it. This removed dirt is then collected in a transparent container that is detachable making the dirt easily disposable. The shoe sole is completely cleaned during this automatic operation and you can walk in with clean shoes.

  • Really Compact Design:

The design and size of Kent Shoe Sole Cleaner makes it ideal for all kinds of offices and homes. It requires bare minimum space for installation and has a separate detachable dust storage bin that collects the dirt from the sole of the shoe. You can easily install it at the entrance of your office or home and experience dust-free floor. This appliance is perfect for the current scenario as dust is becoming an increasing nuisance in both indoor and outdoor places.

Costing just INR 12,000, Kent Shoe Sole Cleaner is the perfect home appliance installation for offices and homes that wish to keep their premises free from all kinds of dust and dirt-based impurities.