Kerala Tourism – Visit Kochi Kerala and Have Taste of Royalty

If you are planning to visit some interesting places in Southern part of India then you should make the choice of visiting Kochi .Kochi’s one of the most well-known cities in Indian state of Kerala, South India. It was formerly known as Cochin. It is considered as an economical capital of Kerala. Being one of the best  and  famous tourism destination in the state it offers tourists numerous catchy attractions like beaches, forts, backwaters, cultural heritage, churches, old colonial houses, temples, Chinese fishing nets, etc. Kochi is well known for its rich culture and tradition and glorious past.

Now tourists visiting Kochi have a new motive to rejoice. Visitors from all over the globe visit this city of Kerala in large numbers. In Kochi there are several old colonial that were inhabited by Jews, Portuguese, and Dutch. All old houses are now being converted into tourist homes offering tourists royal taste as well as excellent accommodation.
Princes Street is one of the most famed attractions in Kochi. A relaxed walk through the Street sets dreamy mood with age old charm for the honeymooners. Some of the old houses built in European style or colonial style are present here.  Some of residences built in the Dutch, French, British, and Portuguese style allow tourists to see what they are like inside as well.  Infrastructure is simply stunning with its bronze stucco walls, shedding pastel, and flower pot laden windowsills. The Loafer’s Corners offers tourists excellent views of the Street.

Old houses of Fort Kochi are attractive destination for tourists as they offer excellent accommodation with superb age old charm.

There are some famous and interesting places to visit. Chiramel home is a famous colonial house. It has a stunning Dutch architecture with high ceilings. Due to extensive use of wood in its architecture it is popularly described as “Timbered Home”.
Most recognized primeval home is Koder House. It is one of the most celebrated homes of Fort Kochi. The home of prominent Jewish family is now converted into a royal tourist home. Koder house is a prominent example of Portuguese architecture and very popular among tourists for royal stay in Kerala. Tourists from all over the world tour to Kerala to know about the glorious past, history and heritage of Koder House. Colonial houses are also famous among couples as couples find them really romantic.

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