Know more about engagement party invitations

Traditional or modern engagement party invitation, one thing that is common in both is words. Besides giving all the necessary information, words used on the invitation, tell a lot about the couple. Their liking disliking, type of party, who is planning the party, etc.

Wording styles for engagement party invitations can be classified under five main categories:

  1. Traditional Wording: The invitations using traditional wording are more of formal type. Traditional wordings include
  • Traditional phrases
  • Full name of the couple
  • Host’s title
  1. Modern wordings: This kind of invitation is either casual or semi-formal in nature. The phrases used in such kind of style are more of a semi-formal kind.
  2. Casual wording: This kind of style gives full freedom to the couple or host to pen down their emotions on the card. This kind of style is generally used when the party is thrown for friends or peer group.
  3. Themed Wordings: Theme based engagement parties are becoming quite popular. Dress code, decoration, cake, menu, everything is planned as per the theme. An engagement party invitation is no exception. The one thing one should keep in mind while using this style of wording is that the theme should be clearly reflected in words.
  4. Wordings for a Surprise engagement party: Sometimes family or friends decide to throw a party to celebrate the engagement of the couple. The engagement party invitation of such parties should clearly reflect the surprise element. In another scenario, the couple themselves throw a party to make the announcement and surprise their loved ones. For this kind of party, the invitation wording should be similar to a casual gathering so that near and dear ones do get surprised during the formal announcement.

Couples can either write the wordings themselves or can hire the professional for designing their engagement party invitations.

Sheri Croll Author