Korea's Caribbean Bay Water Park – Great Summer Fun!

If you want a fantastic day at a water park in Korea, be sure to check out Caribbean Bay. Set to open its facilities for the summer season in May, the amusement park is sure to bring hordes of pleasure-seekers. Here are some tips to help you to make the most out of your visit.

Caribbean Bay is so full of attractions that one visit is simply not enough to enjoy everything the attraction has to offer. Naturally, you should arrive early and stay as late as possible. However, if you plan to spend only a half-day or visit on the weekend, when it’s more crowded, try the popular attractions first. Let’s see what the best attractions of Caribbean Bay are!

Best attractions of Caribbean Bay

1 Heart-stopping Water Bobsleigh

Riders are overwhelmed with thrill and fear from a 22-meter fall. There are two types of bobsleigh courses: one is an open course down an open slide and the other is a cave course through a tunnel. The cave course is much scarier. After sliding through the dark, you suddenly catch a glimpse of the sky and your body flies up in the air. Many people are seized with fear and chicken out at the starting line. This is definitely not recommended for those with a weak heart. Riders should be at least 130 cm tall.

2 Relax and Enjoy the Lazy River

Drifting along a long, winding river will assure true relaxation for your tired body. It’s a good choice as a break after a thrilling ride on the Water Bobsleigh or the Tube Ride. Lazy River is recommended for families with children or couples on a date. Riders should be at least 120 cm tall and need to wear a life vest.

3 Partner Up and Double Your Fun on the Tube Ride!

Are you looking for a bit of a thrill, but the Water Bobsleigh is too much? Then, the answer is the Tube Ride. You can tube down the slide alone or with a friend. There are six different slides for different kinds of fun. The two-rider course for couples, friends and families is particularly popular. Riders should be at least 120 cm tall.

4 Wave Pool Reminiscent of a Beautiful Blue Ocean!

You will feel like you’re actually swimming in the Caribbean Sea as waves as high as 2.4 meters crash over you. Sunbathing on the sandy beach in front of the Wave Pool is another great pleasure. There are big waves every hour on the hour for 20 minutes. These are followed by smaller waves until half past the hour. If you plan to come with children, the indoor wave pool may be a good option. The man-made waves at the indoor pool are smaller and good for family visitors. To use the wave pools, you should be at least 120 cm tall and you will need to wear a life vest. Life vests can be rented at a shop on the left side of the Wave Pool.

5 Take a Plunge into Deep Water at the Diving Pool!

Strike a graceful pose as you fall from the round diving board. Occasionally, some people are too scared to jump off the diving board. Divers in cool poses, jumpers taking an embarrassing tumble and those too scared to jump…just watching them is amusing enough. Located to the right of the outdoor Wave Pool.

6 A Waterfall Overhead! The Adventure Pool
This spot is a must when filming a TV program at Caribbean Bay. The Adventure Pool has a pirate ship theme. The most popular part is a skull-shaped water bucket that dumps a rush of water every three minutes. The eyes of the skull turn red and it makes an alarming sound to warn swimmers. If you want to get soaked, quickly run to grab a spot under the skull bucket.
What new attractions are opening up in July? In one corner of Caribbean Bay, construction of new attractions is underway. All new attractions have one thing in common: thrills as well as fun. The Tower Raft is a thrilling rafting ride with sharp twists and turns. Brave a drop from a 19-meter-high tower at Tower Boomerang, and then experience the rough rapids at Wild Blaster.If you dare to try the new attractions, plan to visit on July 1 or later.

Three Perfect Places to Recharge

Recommendation 1.

Relax Tense Muscles at Bade Pool! Referring to a German-style spa, Bade Pool is an excellent spot to recover from your fatigue. A strong gush of water pours down on your back, arms and legs, and just sitting in the water is enough to relax tired muscles. I strongly recommend it if you want to take a break and recharge at the same time.

Recommendation 2.

Skincare after a Day Under the Sun! DIY Beauty ZoneIf your face gets sunburned under the sizzling sun, drop in at DIY Beauty Zone located on the 2nd floor of the Aquatic Center (indoor). You can enjoy luxury skincare for your face and body at an affordable price. Soothing music played during your skincare session helps you doze. A facial costs 5,000-10,000 won and body treatments cost 18,000-45,000 won. The rates for both facial and body care are 18,000-48,000 won. It usually takes about 30-50 minutes depending on the treatments you choose.

Recommendation 3.

Enjoy a Siesta at a Village! Located all over Caribbean Bay, Villages are a place to take a rest between water rides. Couples, friends and family visitors will find it especially convenient. Each one offers different features: Spa Village has easy access to spas, Cabana Village is located at the center of the outdoor facilities, and Castle Village is uniquely designed like a castle. Village reservations can be made at the outdoor rental shop located near the Wave Pool and are first-come, first-served. Rates vary from 10,000 won to 150,000 won, and payment can be made by Bay Coin, credit card or cash.

Best Restaurants!

Café Madrid Located on the fifth floor of Aquatic Center, Café Madrid commands the best view among all the restaurants. The outdoor terrace overlooks the entire Caribbean Bay site. A variety of Korean and western-style dishes are available to please hungry swimmers. Hamburger Steak & Bulgogi, Pork Cutlet & Spaghetti, Hamburger & Pork Cutlet
Harbor Master Located at the center of the outdoor facilities, Harbor Master is easily accessible. It is a good choice for a quick bite between exciting times at the Wave Pool or Tube Ride. A variety of dishes are available to appeal to foreign visitors: Omelet Rice, Pork Cutlet & Omelet Rice, Fried Shrimp & Omelet Rice, Sausage & Omelet Rice, and others.

Are you a first-timer at Caribbean Bay?

Here are some useful tips!

1. Enter the water park

2. Purchase Bay Coin

3. Change into your swimsuit in the locker rooms (use of a swim cap is mandatory; outdoor lockers are free; indoor lockers cost 2,000 won

4. Rent a life vest, a beach towel, etc.

5. Enjoy the rides 6. Refund Bay Coin?

Tip. What is Bay Coin?
Bay Coin is an electronic wristband that can be used like cash within Caribbean Bay. You can use it make purchases at facilities, restaurants and rental shops while enjoying the water rides in the park. Wristbands are available in 30,000 won, 50,000 won or 100,000 won denominations. When you leave the park, the balance is refunded. Bay Coins can be purchased at the Bay Coin Service Center.

For more information about Korea’s fun attractions and destinations, please visit the Official Korea Tourism Website

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