Kuala Lumpur Chinatown – Discover the pride of China in Malaysia

Chinatown of Kuala Lumpur is one of the most popular tourist attractions you do not want to miss during your stay in Malaysia. Sprawled in the Petaling Street this area is mostly inhabited by the descendents of early Chinese immigrants who settled in Malaysia during the times of tin mining. You can easily get there by hiring a taxi or boarding a bus or train.

The busy Petaling Street is enlivened with a mass of visitors, both locals and expatriates, from late morning to late night everyday. Being the commercial hub of Chinese living in Malaysia, Chinatown sells an extensive assortment of items from fresh produce to fabrics and bootleg items to genuine handicrafts. And if you’re someone new to bargaining, there is no better place to learn the tactics hands on. Everything within this locality is sold through bargaining, so you can even buy your favorite luxury items for a nominal price.

This makeshift piazza has a little of everything, viz. bootleg designer labels and branded watches, DVDs / CDs, electronic goods, souvenirs, cut-rate fashions, attractive handicrafts and fabrics, trendy sunglasses and footwear, herbs and local remedies, and even some of the exquisitely crafted jewelry studded with precious gems amongst this sea of merchandise.

At Chinatown, shopping is not only exciting but can also be thrilling, when your ears reverberate with the voices of customers and hawkers, and your eyes overwhelm with the sight of fancy goods in every nook and corner, making it an experience of a lifetime no doubt.

The Chinatown in Petaling Street, Kuala Lumpur – houses an array of open-air restaurants and food outlets serving local delicacies such as cakes, fruits, pastries as well as sweetened drinks. Some serve the spicy Chinese noodles along with palatable meat and seafood dishes. These restaurants and food outlets cater to the visitors of Chinatown, from evening till late night.

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