Latin Quarter Food Tours in Paris Are Full of Glee and Magic

Tourists who join Latin Quarter food tour can enjoy their sightseeing laughing and eating. Guides accompanying you are performers and artists, who can make you, giggle and tell stories about the place.

Wonderful Market Street

Rue Mouffetard is an oldest street in Latin Quarter of Paris, which has preserved its medieval character. It is a narrow and crowded but a wonderful market street because locals shop here. Fresh Baguette is regular and has an interesting story. Napoleon required a baguette to be precisely the extent of 32 sugar cubes positioned in a row, so that it could fit in his soldier’s uniform pocket.

Fresh local food

Refrigerators are small because Parisians concentrate on fresh local food. Fresh food emphasis does not mean food is wasted because shops get penalized if they throw food away. Old produce is labeled as ‘boiled down’ or gets donated to charities. It is just fun wandering through shops like the locals, talking and tasting!

Market feast is enjoyable

When you settle at the local Bistro to relish the booties from market shopping over few hot dishes, wine and desserts there is an etiquette lesson. Maybe, you are not used to eat with hands but in France keeping hands on your lap is rude. According to a story, it started when Louis XIV got determined to watch everyone, after he discovered a conspiracy to kill him by poisoning his drink.

Another thing, you will be surprised to learn that French put butter on fresh radishes but we used to enjoy them with salt. The trick is to tone down its strong flavor, which works.

In France, foodie education begins right from kindergarten. Kids have to sit on a lengthy 3-course meal, which is served in China. You may have had a cook in school but in France schools have chefs. Their food is prepared without hallucinogenic chemicals, which beats the grilled cheese and hot dogs Americans enjoy in their youth.

Food tours are magical!