Literally Begin Your Legoland California Visit at the Beginning

Legoland California is an amusement park based on the Lego themed building toys and is located in the beautiful southern California coastal town of Carlsbad. The park is divided into nine themed areas, each with their own adventures and rides. These themed areas within the Legoland California Park are; Land Of Adventure, Dino Island, the Imagination Zone, Pirate Shores, Castle Hill, Fun Town, Explore Village, and Miniland USA. The first area that you pass through from the main gate is called The Beginning.  Each of these areas has their own adventures, shows, and rides.

Seeing as The Beginning is at the entrance to the park you would expect someone special to greet you. You won’t be disappointed! A huge red dinosaur named Bronte is the official greeter. He is nine feet tall, 34 feet long, and made entirely of Lego bricks. The Big Shop and The Market are also part of the beginning. The Big Shop is an 8,000 square foot Lego store and is advertised as being the biggest and most complete Lego store in the United States. They will also ship your purchases to any destination in the world. The Market is just a short distance away and offers refreshments such as fresh bakery products, fruit juices, sodas, and gourmet coffees including cappuccinos and espresso.

Now that you’ve bought your Lego gifts and had a cold drink or a coffee you’re ready to continue your Legoland California adventure. There are over 50 attractions, shows and rides awaiting you. Some rides have age requirements with three years old being the minimum and height requirements from 34″ and up.  Remember that at Legoland California, The Beginning is indeed the beginning of your fun filled adventure!

Your second stop could very well be Dino Island. If your kid, or kids, are dinosaur and Lego fans, they can have double the fun at Dino Island, another of the nine areas in Legoland California.  Coastersaurus and Dig Those Dinos are the two main attractions in this dino lover’s paradise. The roller coaster ride is designed for kids and takes them around the island at up to 21 miles per hour. Along the way they’ll dip in and out of a prehistoric jungle populated with life sized, animated dinosaurs made of Lego bricks. Minimum height for this ride is 36″ and if under the child is under 48″ someone at least that tall needs to ride along.Dig those Dinos is simply a very large sand box where the children dig for Lego dinosaur “bones”. This paleontology work requires tools such as a shovel, a bucket, and a fossil brush. It’s not a problem if the young adventurers don’t have their own tools. Legoland will rent the tools and upon return will even give the lucky kids a Dig Those Dinos egg to take home. All of this fun and you and the kids have barely started your adventures. You’ve got seven more areas, complete with their own attractions and rides, to go!

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