Living and Working in Central Manchester

Central Manchester is the hub of Manchester city. It is the business district of the city and is full of tall office buildings, hotels and official buildings. Most of the younger people who work in central Manchester also live in this area. The average age is less than thirty of people who live in Central Manchester. Central Manchester is thriving with hotels, restaurants, bars, shopping malls, nightclubs, shops and other places of business.

That is why downtown Manchester is densely populated. Students who come to study in any of the educational institutions in Manchester end up living in this city. The reason is that rentals are cheap, the places are clean and accommodation is mostly available on sharing basis. The younger generation that work in the places of business in central-Manchester prefer to live here. A large number of students do part time jobs in central-Manchester.

Central-Manchester is the heart of Manchester and it never sleeps. You can find bars and restaurants open at all hours of the day and night. The night clubs are open till late and at any time you will find people walking around in central-Manchester. This life style suits the younger generation, but it can be quite annoying for older people; living in a hallway, which is common with students’ means, someone is coming or going at odd times.

Living in core of this city maybe one of the cheapest places to live in England. There are plenty of fish and chips restaurants and other cheap eating places. With so many youngsters living in central-Manchester, the chances of being mugged at night on a lonely streets are high.

Therefore, core of this city may be a lively place to live and work in, but it may not be the safest. Manchester is the liveliest, metropolitan city in England and a large number of migrants have made Manchester their home. So, you will see a mix of races in central Manchester.

Most executives who work in downtown of this city don’t live in it. They prefer to live in the quieter and safer suburbs of Manchester. The city gets a fair share of tourists and most of them flock around central Manchester. Especially during football season a lot of football fans descend on to this city and most of them can be seen in the bars and restaurants in central-Manchester.

Central-Manchester is essentially a place for the young. This is where they live, work and study. That is why central Manchester as compared to any city centre in Europe is one of the liveliest. Manchester has a very long history and central-Manchester has been destroyed twice.

However, the city leaders have always recognised the importance of central-Manchester and rebuilt it. The total area of central-Manchester is just over two square miles, but when you look at the people milling around, you think that the area is much bigger. If you are young and looking for a lively place in which to work and live, then head for central-Manchester.

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