Log Cabins Cornwall – Family Holiday Breaks

For many people the thought of lying on a beach day in day out is what appeals to them and getting a good dose of sunshine as well, and sadly this isn’t something that can be guaranteed.

Holidays in the UK have a lot bigger risk of being affected by the rain than if you go to Spain, Portugal or Italy to name just a few destinations in Europe. So you need to ensure you have contingency plans in place just in case the weather gets a tight grip on the holiday. The Log Cabins in Cornwall are one such place where it doesn’t really matter what the weather is doing as they can provide you with facilities and entertainment when you need it most. Of course the accommodation is important to ensuring you have an enjoyable holiday, but you do not want to be stuck in doors all day so it is important there is more for you to enjoy where you are staying.

The beauty of the Log Cabins in Cornwall is they can give you the accommodation as well as the facilities. Not all of the sites will have facilities, and it is as you say horses for courses in terms of what you want and do not want on site. But if you are going to explore Cornwall and the beaches, countryside and history and heritage you may want to have somewhere you can relax and take it easy after a hard day out. How would it sound to have your own hot tub outside your log cabin, or access to a swimming pool, health spa or beauty salon…..yes please?

It doesn’t have to be the case if you get a day with some not so great weather that you will not have anything to do just pick and choose your accommodation carefully and you will have a great holiday whatever the weather. Exploring holidays and active holidays are becoming ever more popular, and with many people taking to biking, walking and active sports they are demanding more from their holidays. Holiday locations that provide the on site facilities and have offsite activities nearby are some of the most popular. In the long term this could show a move away from the traditional beach holiday to something very different. Log Cabin Parks could be seen as the ideal place for this type of holiday and with the locations, the facilities and the accommodation can you really go wrong?

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