Maintenance of Artificial Grass in Summer

It is hot, very hot. We have artificial turf in our garden and breathe easy because we do not have the headaches of natural grass. We do not have to worry about water. It’s true, but you should not neglect it. That it needs very little maintenance doesn’t mean that it does not require some care. And in summer, dedicate a little more love. Only a little.

As Basic Rules we have

With good turf management and maintenance, artificial turf maintains the same appearance and quality as the first day bought.

  • When the heat is too hot, it is required to cool the turf for some minutes with the water hose. The frequency will depend on the type of lawn installed, its quality, filament height and density: some convey more heat sensation than others.
  • In addition, as a general rule, it is recommended to rake or sweep it to remove dust particles, elements that transport the wind (leaves, small animals, dirt) or pet hair. It will also depend on each case: if there are trees nearby, animals, dusty areas. Under normal conditions, doing it once every 20 or 30 days would be enough.
  • If liquids, food residues, animal depositions, mud are spilled… it is also recommended to clean it as soon as possible. Water with soap and even water under pressure can be used without problems.

In the medium term, once a year, we must bear in mind that:

  • If there is an excess of humidity, or simply as a precaution, a fungicide must be applied to prevent the proliferation of fungi.
  • If synthetic turf has been placed on a natural base, weeds can appear, so it is also recommended to use a herbicide.
  • Finally, the silica sand that is usually placed under the artificial turf can move slightly due to heavy rain or frequent traffic of people. In this case, with intensive brushing, there should be enough. In particularly intense cases, it may be necessary to ballast the surface. Artificial turf is stipulated to have a lifespan of up to 10 years. With good maintenance, which in this case is minimal, it will keep the same appearance and quality as the first day.

Danny White Author