Major Cities in Uruguay

Uruguay, even after being almost negligible on the map of the world, is standing very proudly with its own ‘assets.’ This, in other words, is a silent challenge for all other countries who are continuously involving themselves in different competitions and wars.

Here few major cities in Uruguay are being mentioned, which have helped the country in its consistent development.

Montevideo is the capital of Uruguay. Similarly, Las Piedras, Tacuarembo, Rivera, Maldonado and Paysandu are sisters of the capital.

When value of peso, the currency of Uruguay, fell down, Montevideo became a hot spot for tourists. Other reasons can never be ignored, and they are the beautiful beaches, natural landscapes and lively nightlife. This versatility attracts many people from all around the world to Montevideo.

One thing can not be forgotten is that this is the country has taken great pains to protect and save its culture and heritage. It is no way influenced artificially by all the modern aspects that are so commonly found in other countries.

The chief port of Uruguay is located in Montevideo. This also ensures that Montevideo is an important maritime harbor for ships that traverse the Atlantic. Some of the beaches present in the city, which tend to attracts tourists and locals alike are Punta Gorda, Pocitos, Playa Verde, and Buceo.

Paysandu, the third largest city, was established by a priest named Policarpo Sandu. This city is well known for its textile industry.

Maldonado city is a destination for a breeze offered by the nature. San Fernando de Maldonado Cathedral, Cuartel de Dragones, El Puente de la Barra, and Torre del Vigia are some of the major tourist attractions in the city.

Rivera is the birth place of Aparicio Mendez, who was the former president of Uruguay, is a very reputed city in Uruguay.

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