Making a right decision of dress in wedding is mandatory

There are cases where brides are considered cruel because they want their friends (bridesmaid) to wear ugly gowns. Gowns that are pink and chiffon is the fabric and sometimes baby blue. This is ridiculous because you are a bride to be and you pick anything randomly for the bridesmaid. So, this partiality must be ended because they deserve something better too.

But seriously, this is not the fault of the bride because she has no idea rather than her dress. These dresses are selected by the relatives or any other concerned person. However, this tradition is shifting towards betterment because people are now involving the bridesmaid in shopping too.

Even if the bridesmaid is absent while selecting the burgundy bridesmaid dresses. Blow mentioned are the points will help in getting a better one and she will really feel happy with the decision.

Passing the buck-

There are ample reasons which are practical and according to them it is better to pass the purchasing responsibility to someone better. This is because bridesmaid is expected to pay for her dress then it is better to the decision herself. When she is the person of honor then she must be free to choose what is right for her.

There are instances when the maids of honor feel shy while communication so it’s the duty of the concerned person to take her suggestion and then move ahead for shopping so that she won’t regret the selection.

Make it match with the bride-

Remember that bridesmaid is not just an attendant because she is the moral supporter of her friend on the most precious day of life. So, it is always better to select a silver mother of the bride dresses that actually compliment the bridal dress. If there is lot of confusion then it’s better to keep it sober and simple.

Now, it’s clear that the dress must be simple but avoid the laces, bunchy stuff, beadings and ribbons because this trend has passed year ago. They are single use dresses and they will not be worn again. So, it’s better to invest in something that is worthy and can be used again. Apart from that, simple dresses can also be altered easily.

Making the combination perfect-

When it’s about combination then be clear that every bridesmaid will not carry the same figure. So the color and the fabric must be according to that. Otherwise the dress will turn out to be a disaster which actually had to flatter.

Brides are free to set simple rules like avoiding strapless dresses and dresses that are too short. This will actually act as a green signal for the bridesmaid and she will get the best results.