Marketing Tips for Pro Wrestlers

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When the AT&T Sports Center registered a record 100,000 fans attendance in 2016, everyone was talking about WrestleMania 32 being the best in history. Of course, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. What’s clear is that professional wrestling is equally as popular as soccer and the NFL. If you are considering joining the profession, you must have pictured yourself walking down a major sports center like AT&T as your music is played.

You also must have envisioned the deafening cheers and jeerstaking over the arena as you walk to the ring. Well, this can be real if you establish yourself as a brand. Assuming you have already gone through the necessary pro wrestling training and all you need are stable gigs, you have to market yourself as a pro wrestler. This will boost your chances of landing major wrestling deals or better, a locker room in WWE or TNA.

Here are the marketing tips to apply:

  1. Find Your Character

You can’t become the next Stone Cold or Undertaker if you don’t act like it. You need a persona that you can promote. This means choosing between a good guy and a bad guy. Whether you are cheered or booed, everyone in the arena should know your name. So, you have to think of a name that’s catchy and one that matches your persona.

  1. Network

There are pro wrestling events globally and they feature so many scouts. So, you may never know who is watching. Before you can become a household name, you have to associate with those who are there or have been there. Thus, it’s necessary to network. Talk to the wrestlers, their promoters or managers. You can also talk to a wrestling talent agency for hiring pro wrestlers for events about linking you to major wrestling gigs.

  1. Share Printouts

Pro wrestling like other professions is a serious field. You need to package your brand correctly. Start with printing business cards that you can issue to the wrestling promoters that you meet and your fans after your shows. In addition, you need to customized T-shirts, hoods, scarves, and other wrestling gears with your image or catchphrases. This allows your fans to buy and wear them when they come to your shows.

  1. Build an Online Base

Most WWE and TNA superstars enjoy massive support online, more so on social media. So, you’ll need to try as much as possible to get dedicated supporters on Facebook and other social media platforms. You may also need to create a website that you can use to showcase what you are all about as a wrestler. This will allow a wrestling talent agency for hiring pro wrestlers for events interested in you to see more of you.

  1. Be Professional

Lastly, you have to act professionally around everyone. From the locker room to the ringside, you have to show utmost professionalism regardless of the character that you assume. Though there are some fans who will boo you, it’s part of the entertainment business; so, you shouldn’t take your frustrations out on them. Besides, the fans are entitled to their own expressions.

In the pro wrestling industry, it generally takes more than talent to establish your name. You need to market yourself properly so that your fans can distinguish your brand. Start with the above tips.