Mauritius Holidays In Port Louis

The lively capital of Mauritius is Port Louis.  Spending Mauritius holidays in Port Louis guarantees a great day of sharing the spirit of the marvelous island.  The culture in the capital is a showcase of a potpourri of various cultures, colorful festivals and traditions.

During daytime, Port Louis bustles with financial and business activities. When night falls, the capital turns into a busy city full of sights and sounds of nightlife. One of the most happening places in Port Louis is the new Le Caudan Waterfront. It is the venue for various forms of enjoyment like gaming at the casino, movie watching at the cinema, shopping and bar and restaurant hopping. This place has become one of the major tourist attractions.

Another tourist attraction included in most Mauritius holidays in the capital is the Natural History Museum. Displayed are stuffed replicas of several extinct birds, animals, fish and most exclusively, the dodo. On the other hand, the Mauritius Postal Museum features a collection of beautiful stamps of the island.

Located at the Ste-Croix, Pere Lavals shrine is famous for religiously converting more than 67,000 people. Pilgrims will tell you instances of the statue’s healing powers with just a single touch.

The Islamic architecture of the Jummah Mosque is one structure that catch one’s gaze and appreciation for beauty and artistic architectural talent. It was built in the middle of Chinatown in the 1850s. Other beautiful ancient edifice is Fort Adelaide with excellent harbor side location, which is popularly called as the Citadel in the local language. Tourists enjoy the excellent hilltop views that remains in memory for a long time.

However, for seekers of more adventure and activities, there are the usual water sports like surfing in Tamarin. Port Mathurin and its regions are best for coastal hiking, while Mt. Limon and Mt. Malartic are best for hiking. Diving opportunities are plenty at Rodrigues and caving can be done at Caverne Patate.

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