Medical Insurance In Ontario, Canada – Information For New Residents

In Ontario, as well as in all other Canadian provinces, citizens and permanent residents receive free medical help.

Family doctors, specialists, labs and hospitals – all is generally free of charge (with some minor exceptions).

Nevertheless, there are supplemental medical insurance plans that provide additional services not covered by the government program OHIP (Ontario Health Insurance Plan).

They are: critical illness insurance; disability insurance; medical and dental plans.

In addition to that, there is travel insurance, which covers medical expenses while traveling outside Ontario, and a very important medical insurance for the first three months after arrival to Ontario, before OHIP becomes available to the new residents. The 3-month waiting period exists not in all Canadian provinces. Unfortunately, Ontario does not cover any medical expenses during the first months.

A very popular plan is insurance for guests. For a very limited fee, one can provide medical coverage for tourists. This plan can be used for new immigrants, too. It’s possible to start such insurance program even before the arrival – starting from the departure from their country. That means, the flight itself will be insured, too.

Business owners can purchase insurance plans for their employees. Even if a company is a one-man business, it’s still possible to have business medical insurance policy.

More details about these and other types of insurance you can find at

The correct information about insurance in Canada in general, and specifically about insurance in Toronto, Ontario will help newcomers to Canada understand the variety of insurance services and make as little mistakes as possible at the first stage of living on the new country. Life in Canada is organized so that it becomes very difficult without a whole set if consulting services – juridical, financial, real estate and insurance. Do not hesitate asking help from the specialists. In most cases, you will receive free consultation.

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