Microwave oven- Know about all its useful parts and accessories

When we try to purchase an oven, we like to go through a microwave buying guide. However, it is essential to have some knowledge on every part or unit of your microwave oven.

While talking about the microwave oven parts, we at first like to present the two most important units. Although they are separate systems, they have connections to each other for the internal functioning.

  • High-voltage unit
  • Control unit

This control unit helps in safely passing the electricity to microwave from the major source.

However, the high-voltage part performs its function with the conversion of electrical energy into the potential microwave rays. The electricity gets emitted into the major chamber for warming up your food.

The similarity is that both these parts have sensors and different security units for preventing the overheating issues.

Triac- Another system for your oven

The control unit of a microwave oven has another part, known as a triac. This device is also helpful in channeling the electricity through a wire or cord. While you have activated the microwave, the sensors give you a signal that every unit is functioning and generates microwave energy. After this setup, triac gets triggered and it enables the flow of electricity to the transformer.


This is another term that you must know while using a microwave oven. It is one of the units, helping to pass microwaves to a chamber.

Magnetron Tube- Playing a vital role in the system

With the amplification of voltage, the electricity passes through the magnetron tube. This oven part helps with the conversion of electricity into powerful microwave energy.

It is a diode, which relies on magnetic fields for controlling electrons. After these electrons cross diode, the filament gets heated up. Thus, the electrons become separated as microwave energy.

Other internal parts of the system

Your microwave oven cavity has metal walls for the reflection of radiation to your foods. There is also a good safety button in most of the ovens. This switch helps in shutting offer the microwave energies, while you have opened your oven door. Moreover, the cooking appliance also includes timers that can cease the microwaving process automatically after a particular time period.

Most of the latest ovens are integrated with timer, clocks and flexible plates for twisting the food at the time of cooking. The programmable keypad, sensors and the detachable racks are some other units of the device.

Clare Louise Author