Mt. Rushmore Tours

Mt. Rushmore was built to embody the spirit of America, its conception and its growth. The monument represents the nation’s amazing journey. Mt. Rushmore tours by tours 4 fun let you explore the interesting tourist destinations such as Mt. Rushmore and Yellowstone national park.

The idea of the famous Mt. Rushmore was conceived by Doane Robinson to attract tourists to South Dakota. The monument site was named after a New York lawyer, Charles E Rushmore. Gutzon Borglum was the sculptor who created this amazing monument at Mt. Rushmore. Around 400 workers under the master sculptor sculpted the gigantic monument. The monument also invited a lot of controversy as it was originally seized from the Native Americans by the United States after the black hill war. The monument is one of the most popular tourist attractions of South Dakota and America.

The major attractions of the monument are the lighting ceremony and the illumination of the monument, in the evening. Other attractions include Lincoln Borglum Museum, located in the memorial and the sculptor’s studio. The sculptor’s studio, which was used by the sculptor Gutzon Borglum offers you a walk in history. You are offered a wonderful opportunity to view the tools and models used by the master sculptor. Enjoy the grand view at the Grandview Terrace above the museum. There are many Amphitheatre programs that offer entertainment in form of musical presentation or a patriotic program. Presidential Trail is another activity, which completes your Mt. Rushmore tour.

Most of the Mt. Rushmore tours offered by Tours 4 fun also include a visit to the Yellowstone National Park. The Yellowstone national park is the home of many wild animals and birds and is a natural sanctuary with gushing Waterfalls, Hot springs, Geysers and even active volcanoes.

The Mt. Rushmore vacation packages provide a complete package that includes accommodation, transportation along with the sight seeing. Tour 4 fun offers a wide range of tour packages that include East coast vacation packages, Niagara Falls tours vacation, West coast vacations and Mt. Rushmore tours. Choose the package that suits you and explore the American attractions.

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