Myths about Laser Hair Removal That Are Completely False

A lot of people have been obsessed with looking for permanent methods that will remove unwanted and unhygenic body hair for good.

There have been several hair removal options such as shaving, depilatory cream, depilation machine, waxing, etc which have proven to remove hair but some of the methods are too painful, whereas all of them give very temporary results. The hair grows back quickly and, in some cases, the person has to go through various miserable itchy episodes.

However, thanks to the advancements in technology over time, science has come up with a much more effective, and at least, semi permanent method of hair removal, laser hair removal.

Many people have turned to the method in order to lessen the hair growth on their body which has proven its effectiveness. However, yet still this method has been surrounded by a lot of misconceptions, some of which are addressed in this post.

Laser hair removal does not work on dark skin

Due to the poor technology in the past, when women of African-American, Indian, etc., descent would get laser hair removal treatment they would often experience a loss in pigmentation and discoloration after the treatment. Now the technology has advance significantly thus eliminating the problem of discoloration. The laser can be set on a different wavelength, and when used by a highly skilled laser technician, it will allow for a smooth running of the treatment.

Laser hair removal is not for the face

Though the facial hair removal has always been in high demand from female clients it has not always worked too well for women of color. This is because the old laser would not remove facial hair that was too thick and it would also not be able to contrast well against the color of the client’s skin. Though the lasers of today still tend to work best for those with light skin and dark hair, technology is constantly trying to improve this feature in order to be able to target lighter facial hair.

Laser treatments should not be done over the summer

A lot of people believe that they cannot get laser hair removal done over the summer because of the rule that prospective clients will have to avoid the sun several weeks before getting the treatment done. However, this is for those who frequently like to go out into the sun. if you are someone who does not often sunbathe or move around outside during the day, then you will not have to wait for the winters to come.


Most of the laser hair removal treatments are FCA approved which means that they are free from any harmful radiation. Though it is sure that the radiation tends to exist in one of the components of the laser but it never comes in contact with the skin.

Laser treatments are very painful

A lot of the people refrain from getting a laser treatment done because they are led to believe it is very painful. In truth laser treatments are mildly painful which can be further prevented by using numbing creams that are easily available in a lot of pharmacies or are even provided by the laser clinics themselves.

Clare Louise Author