Need more data? Choose the best prepaid plan

Airtel prepaid offers large amounts of daily data – 1.4 GB per day – on its prepaid plans. You also get superb data recharge options to choose from.

There was a time when mobile phones were a new phenomenon in the country and mobile tariffs were quite high at the beginning. With just a couple of mobile service providers in the market, calling and texting was an expensive affair. Only those who could reasonably afford to maintain the monthly mobile routine took postpaid plans. Others, like homemakers and students, bought prepaid plans which were much more affordable but which had limited functionalities.

Cut to today, when there is very little difference between postpaid and prepaid plans. In fact, a lot of people are opting for prepaid plans from leading providers like Airtel, since the packs offer a range of benefits at extremely affordable prices. The best packs also have long validity, sufficient data and features like unlimited daily calling.

You might be a user that uses social media a lot, likes to Netflix, chat with friends and use the phone extensively for all your needs. You might believe that you should take a postpaid plan instead of a prepaid pack, because the latter may not provide you with the amount of daily data that you need.

While this is true of most mobile service providers today, the story is completely the opposite with Airtel prepaid.

Why choose Airtel for prepaid?

When it comes to an array of prepaid packs and regular data recharge options, few can match the features and benefits that Airtel offers.

  • Take, for instance, the daily data allowance on most prepaid packs. As a prepaid customer, you are justifiably afraid of running out of data before your pack validity expires. In such a scenario, you will have to take a top-up on your existing pack. However, you will not encounter this problem with Airtel prepaid: whatever the amount of data recharge you do, you get 1.4 GB data per day till the pack is valid. This is a large amount of data that meets all your needs for the day and is replenished once 24 hours are up.
  • Each Airtel data recharge pack offers 3G or 4G speeds, as per your need.
  • You get 100 free SMSs per day, unlimited calling (local, STD and incoming and outgoing roaming) on each pack.
  • The data recharge packs are priced at Rs 199 (28 days), Rs 399 (70 days), Rs 448 (84 days) and Rs 509 (90 days). Not only are they reasonably priced, but they offer the maximum bang for your money with their features as well.
  • Plus, you get the promise of Airtel’s always-on connectivity and superfast Internet speeds. Wherever you are in the country, browse uninterrupted as much as you want without thinking about whether you are exhausting your data for the day or not!

Danny White Author