Newport Beach, California – One Of The Toughest Places To Get A Dui In The Usa

Newport Beach DUI Enforcement

Newport Beach is infamous for its tough DUI laws.  Not only do individuals have to deal with the court system, but once you’ve been arrested for DUI, you only have ten days to stop the DMV from taking your driving privileges away.  This is an added hassle, especially if you feel you were not guilty of a DUI.

DUI Checkpoints in Newport Beach

Newport Beach checkpoints are one of the most common ways the police find individuals to arrest for DUI. Unfortunately, DUI checkpoints are not truly effective ways of catching criminals.  Their most useful purpose is for providing money to the city of Newport Beach, especially through impounded motor vehicles.  An individual will still have to pay to have his vehicle back, even if he has been found innocent of DUI in a court of law.

DMV Issues

DMV hearings for cases arising out of Newport Beach are handled by the Department of Motor Vehicles Office of Driver Safety in Irvine.  These hearings are technical, so the best thing you can do is contact one of the Newport Beach DUI lawyers in the area to handle both the DMV hearing and the court hearing for you.  You’ll have only 10 days to act with the DMV, and could face having a suspended license for a year or more if you don’t act.  It’s very important that the attorney has the chance to schedule a hearing to stop the DMV from removing your privileges because they can then subpoena witnesses and evidence that can help convey your innocence.

If you schedule the hearing yourself, you risk losing witnesses who may be unable to attend on the date you’ve scheduled, and it may be an inopportune time for your Newport Beach DUI lawyers too.  Be sure to let the attorney know right away that you haven’t scheduled the hearing but that it needs to be done.  They are experts at handling the situation and can potentially keep you from losing your license privileges.

Defending a DUI Charge

There are many different factors that contribute to the defense of a DUI charge.  Not only will your attorney go over the details of the arrest with a fine-tooth comb, but he or she will ensure that all proper procedures were followed during your arrest. For instance, if the arresting police officer did not follow proper protocol, there’s a chance that all charges could be dropped.  If your Miranda rights were not read to you, or if the breathalyzer machine was not calibrated correctly, the attorney can work to have the charges dismissed.  Your blood alcohol level and toxicology reports will be gone over as well, as attorneys know exactly what to look for.

By quickly contacting an attorney as soon as you’ve been arrested and charged, you increase your chances of having competent representation and ensuring that your rights are protected.

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