Odd Tourist Attractions in the Usa

There are certainly plenty of popular places to visit in the USA. New York City, Disneyland and Disneyworld, Washington DC (and all of its museums), Boston’s historical tours, San Francisco’s hills, Hawaii’s beaches and even Alaska’s wide open spaces. But have you ever wanted to take a trip to somewhere a little wacky? Somewhere off the beaten path? Here are few things that everyone, even residents of the USA, should do at least once in their lives.

The Extra Terrestrial Highway: The Extra Terrestrial highway can be found about an hour outside of Las Vegas and it really is one of the loneliest roads in the country. This road stretches out to nowhere across land that is so flat it will look like you are about to hit a hill—and then you never do. This road goes past Area 51 (not a tourist location and don’t try to get in) and is, apparently, the site of quite a few alien visits to our little blue planet. Stop and take a look at The Mailbox—a big metal mailbox that has had messages and names scratched into it for decades. You can drop your letter for the aliens in the box or simply inscribe your name on the side. Follow up your drive with a meal at the Little A-Le-Inn and then drive back to Vegas. If you stay past dark, the view of the stars will be well worth whatever you spend on gas.

The Top Secret Upside Down White House: This huge white house (that sits on its own roof with its floor aiming at the sky) is located in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin USA. This is the largest upside down white house in the country and is quite fun to tour. Visitors walk through on dirt ceilings and look up at the “artifacts” that have been “preserved” in this archaeological dig. There are a few rooms that are right side up that are worth poking through. This is a great stop for families on long drives who need something to do with their kids. It can also be fun for locals—seeing the President sitting at an upside down desk never quite gets old!

Rock City: Rock City is located in Lookout Mountain, Georgia, USA. Rock City is actually a beautiful and elaborate garden that was built by Frieda Carter (the wife of miniature golf inventor Garnet Carter). Along the trails are weird statues, gnomes and other characters from fairy tales. The trail leads through giant rock outcroppings and is so cleverly disguised that most travelers find that they have started driving right through it without meaning to. The actual trail can only be traveled by foot, but a major thoroughfare leads right past Rock City and it is absolutely worth exploring!

These are just three of the wacky places that are fun to visit in the USA. Some of the best discoveries are made by simply hopping into your car (or rental vehicle) and going for a drive beyond the borders of your town or city.

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