Picking Up Women When Going Out Alone

Over the last few months, I’ve ended up having to get used to going out alone in Eastern Europe because of my friends finishing the night early. Of course, it’s much easier when you choose a place to go to that has a friendly, fun atmosphere and full of drinking women. Particularly recommended are after-party places, such as Piaf in Budapest (Hungary).

TIP NUMBER 1: Specifically choose after-party places to meet women when going out alone.

In the situation where you are a lone shark, I recommend a few approaches; the first being to recruit a wingman during the evening. Just hang around the bar for a while, making light conversation, then asking a guy which girls he likes in the place. After pointing out his favorites, you can help him get those girls, as well as work on your own targets, and create a potential base with him or his group to come back to after sortie missions. One example of me talking to guys at the bar in order to provide confidence occurred in the previously mentioned Piaf club a month ago when I went up to some holidaying guys who seemed to be in good spirits. After only a few minutes, a girl appeared out of the blue to other side of me (together with another guy) and hit on me, asking where I was from as she heard me speaking English. She chose me over her date in the end, because I actually made a move on her. I had to keep holding her hand throughout the rest of the night so she wouldn’t get dragged away by other locals who were hanging around like flies; which they do, not when a girl is alone, but when a girl starts being approached by others. The particular woman was too drunk and tired that night to come home with me, but happily met me next day before flying to London.

TIP NUMBER 2: Recruit a wingman at the bar of the club you are in during the evening to help you meet women when going out alone.

Another tactic involves you planting yourself right next to sets of women, tempting a situation to arise whereby the women can facilitate you in making conversation. It is also much easier for you to initiate something that close rather than alone in some dark, empty corner of the club.

TIP NUMBER 3: Place yourself close to groups of women to facilitate contact when going out alone.

On one particular night, last week, I sat alone on some couches observing everyone in the place, minding my own business. A girl then sat next to me and asked, ‘Why are you here alone?’ I told her that my friends went home early but I wanted to keep going. She was a psychology student; there partying with her fellow students and teacher. This teacher also came over, very friendly…. As a side point, I told both the teacher and her that I wanted to talk to them as equals and not as a patient being evaluated. You have to either evaluate them, or talk together as friends; putting yourself on the same level as them.

A trick I discovered is the “coat minding trick”, whereby if people are leaving their jackets and personal effects unattended around the club, when they come back to check on them, tell them you’ve been keeping an eye on their things. They will be very appreciative.

Of course, if a girl is sitting alone, you know what to do! It happened a few months ago to me with a stunning 18 year-old, who was sitting alone. She liked my courage in approaching her. She only demanded I dance with her a little, subsequently coming back with me. A month ago, another beautiful 23 year-old was also sitting alone in a busy club; I didn’t wait too long before asking if I could sit next to her. The conversation proceeded well and I was able to date her afterwards (albeit only for a few weeks; that was all I could stand of her!).

TIP NUMBER 4: Approach those women that are by themselves in the club when you are also out alone.

Last week, I hit on 2 girls on my own in an after-party place, asking where they went out earlier. In the end, I asked my target, ‘I can just ask you for your number, or we can go watch a movie?’ She told me she liked that line and subsequently came back with me.

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