Places of Interest in New York City

New York City! What can be more ordinary, trite and simple. New York and Romance! These two notions are mutually exclusive! But, if to try your best, it is possible to find out even more than 5 romantic places of interest in New York. It is a subjunctive opinion; so, if you can propose something from you, go ahead!

First of all, if you are hungry, it is no better place to satisfy your hunger, as to visit a restaurant with delicious dishes. There is no better place to visit – Barbetta Restaurant. To tell the truth, it is an Italian Restaurant in the middle of New York. It was opened in 1906 and its founding family is still in charge of it. It has marvelous interior and outstanding garden, both decorated in the 8th century style. In this garden one can view oleander, magnolia and wisteria, also, to smell them. Sometimes, while dining there, it seems that you are in the middle of 18th century in one of the old estates.
Now, when you are not hungry anymore and will not be interesting in eating the next 2 or 3 hours, you can go directly to the Empire State Building. The building itself is not either very beautiful or historically significant, no! the only one thing, you can touch the skies and heavens from its roof! Its Observatory Deck was shown in a great number of movies; among them are Affair to Remember, King Kong, Sleepless in Seattle and many others. But be careful, it no use even try to get there on th 4th of February, when a lot of couples want to tell there such words as “I love you!” If your own sport car or something like that is the only one way of your transportation, the following event is exactly for you! Carriage Ride. It is unforgettable procedure, rhythmical clatter of horses’ hoofs, marvelous surroundings and you, so calm and happy in the middle of big city life. Even if the weather is not fine, you can either to lift the roof or just embrace your beloved person, who is sitting next to you. Nevertheless, you will never forget this ride!

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