Places to Go Dating in New Jersey

New Jersey is a state in the United states of America. It is bordered by New York, Deleware and the Atlantic ocean. The people of this state usually refer to it as Jersey. The northern region of the state has a humid continental climate while the rest of New Jersey has a humid subtropical climate. The summers in this state are usually hot and humid while winters are cold. The United States Census Bureau estimated it to have a population of 8,724,560 in the year 2000. At the moment, it has a population of about ten million people. Dating in New Jersey should be fun with the many attractive fun places you can go to. Here are a few places that you and your date can go to and enjoy each others company.

If you are dating in New Jersey you can go to the Space Farm Museum which has about 50,000 artifacts. This place has antique cars and motorcycles. It is among the largest privately owned museum that has a collection of firearms. You can go check out the firearms and also the tools that the Native people of America used to use. In the Space Farm Museum and Zoo, you will get an area that has been set aside for people who love to picnic. You will definitely have fun in this place. You will also get a chance of seeing some animals in the zoo, they have about 500 animals.

The beach is the next place you should go to if you are dating in New Jersey. This country has got some great beaches and they even have a beach that you can go to and strip and lie in the sand with your loved one and get a complete body tan. You can go to Cunnison beach which is very beautiful, the Avalon Beach and the Point Pleasant beach which has white sand and an amusement park. In the Avalon Beach, you can play games like tennis and basketball. You can also go and swim in their clean water and have some little fun in the water. They also have a wonderful restaurant that if you get hungry you can always drop by.

When dating in New Jersey you can go to six flag hurricane harbor which has a large water park. They have great water slides that are wild and interesting to take. You can have fun in one of their twenty high speed thrill slides. If you are in New Jersey and you are looking for a room you can go and spend a night in and maybe some few days with your date, Daytona Motor Inn is an almost perfect place to go. This is because they have a lot of activities that you can do during the day and not get bored. They are even close to a beach that you can pop in during the day to sun bath. They have fridges and coffee makers in most of their rooms which is great if you wake up late at night and need some snack.

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