Places You Can Go While Dating in California

California is a state in the United States of America that is found in the west coast. This is the most populated state in the united states. The large population could be because of the many activities that are available. It is a very lively state to live in. It has a varied climate. It varies from Mediterranean to Subarctic. It has rainy winters and dry summers. California has great parks, museums, beaches and recreational places that are fun to go to. If you are dating in California you should go to most of these places to simply relax or have a good time with your date. California has a Disneyland place that you should make a point of visiting.

The Disneyland which is popularly referred to as the happiest place on earth is one place you should visit if you are dating in California. There is also the Disney’s California Adventure that is next to the Disneyland. There are so many adventures to do in this place that you and your date will leave there feeling quite good about yourselves. The Disneyland shows a lot of shows. While here you might get a chance of seeing the Pirates of the Caribbean which is great. You can also go to the Santa Ana Zoo, this zoo is a public zoological garden and it is found in the middle of Orange County in the Irvine Park. You will find the orange county zoo appealing to go to. This zoo has animals from the southwestern part of the United States. You will see a lot of animals up close.

The California Living Museum is another area you can visit while dating in California. Another museum you can go to is My museum Though this museum is said to be a very suitable place for children, adults can also have a good time in this museum. You can also take a tour in the Kayak La Jolla Sea caves which are mostly guided. There are seven sea caves here and it takes about two hours to complete this tour. The Crystal Cove State Beach is also another place that you and your date might find quite interesting. You might even be among the lucky people to get a beach front cottage that you and your date can stay in for a day or two and have fun together in this beach.

While dating in California you can go for whale watching in Newport landing. This place allows people to see the whale jumping up and down the beautiful water. This is a very beautiful sight to see. You can also take pictures of the whales. You should also take a dolphin cruise while here. You will be able to see the different species of whales that are in California. You will also be able to see the big giant whales. You can however see other marine animals like the seal while in this cruise. The cruises are not too expensive and they are worth it. It costs about 25 dollars for adults to go for this cruise.

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