NuwaraEliya promises visitors spectacular views, some time out and high-quality tea. Hills, waterfalls and rivers surround the charming city, also known as ‘Little England’. One of the most visited places in the hill country, NuwaraEliya is known for its unique ‘toy town ambience’.

The best time to visit the hill station is between February-April in order to avoid the months with heavy precipitation and high temperatures. For a scenic start to your trip, take a train from Kandy where you’ll be blessed with stunning views of the mountains, waterfalls and tea plantations; a big plus when you’re travelling with children, who will be entertained along the way. NuwaraEliyawill guarantee you and your family a spectacular time from the get-go.

Below, you’ll find a few places to visit in the town that’ll be appreciated by both adults and children alike-

Victoria Park

As suggested by the name, the park is named after Queen Victoria. The best time to visit the park is between March-May when numerous colorful flowers bloom in the park. The Victoria Park houses several gardens and is home to a number of rare birds. Naturally, the park is a favourite amongst children for the bird watching activities as well as for the playgrounds and miniature train rides found in the park. The park is in close proximity to some of the top hotels in Nuwara Eliya Sri Lanka so you can always take some time out and visit with the kids.

Pedro Tea Estate

For the true Sri Lankan experience, the Pedro Tea Estate is a mist-visit. The tea estate is only a few kilometres from the centre and you can hire a rickshaw to get there, which the children will enjoy. The tea factories situated here will be more than happy to give you a tour of the place. The tea making process is explained in detail, and you’re given the opportunity to taste the different kinds of Sri Lankan tea as well. Towards the end of the tour, visitors are given cups of simmering hot tea to top it all. It is an educational as well as enjoyable visit for the whole family.

Gregory Lake

When you’re making an online hotel booking in Sri Lanka, make sure to include Gregory Lake in your list of places to visit. You can book your accommodation via Yoho Bed, a trusted aggregator of budget-friendly chain of hotels and guest houses. Their rooms are clean, offer free WiFi and spotless linen. Gregory Lake is amongst the popular tourist destinations in Sri Lanka. The lake is situated in close proximity to the centreand is easily accessible. You’ll find walkaways, houseboats, peddle boats as well as motorboats! The park also has rides and food stalls to keep your children amused. Quite a number of tourists hire one of the houseboats and spend time around the edge of the lake, while the children enjoy the rides. The location serves as a great spot for picnics as well, making it a great family vacation site. Let Sri Lanka surprise you and our family with the many beautiful sights it has to offer.

Clare Louise Author