Plan early for the London 2012 Olympics

London is getting ready for the 2012 Olympic Games, so there’s no reason why those planning to visit the city during the landmark events shouldn’t be similarly prepared for the occasion. With a number of new hotels being constructed, and rooms sure to sell out far in advance at convenient locations, making arrangements for your 2012 visit to London could help you avoid rising costs and stress further down the line.

Beating rivals such as Paris, New York, Moscow and Madrid to the acclaimed event, London will be hosting the next Summer Olympics between 27 July and 12 August 2012, making these dates significant in the calendars of sport fans around the world. With 34 venues across the capital hosting the Olympic events, being in the best location to head down to the stadiums and sporting grounds is sure to be a must for international and domestic visitors, who may wish to avoid the congestion of London’s roads and public transport services.

The 2012 Olympics are more than just a chance for the UK capital to receive greater international attention, as a number of changes, additions and subtractions will surely make these an Olympics event to remember, such as the introduction of women’s boxing, wrestling and cycling as Olympic sports. London is also claiming that the event will be the most eco-friendly Olympic Games ever hosted, with the city’s water sources being revitalised ahead of the events.

As the calendar ticks over to 2011, the prospect of the 2012 Olympics will soon become even more of a reality, meaning those who plan ahead won’t miss out. Tickets and entry passes are expected to be available from 2011, with eight million tickets predicted to sell for Olympic events and a further five million for the Paralympics, and many hotel companies are already offering exclusive rates on Olympic hotels for those who book ahead.

As the event draws ever nearer, you will also doubtless see more travel companies offering packages for transport, accommodation and tickets to the events, which are sure to be hot sellers. Whatever the outcome of the 2012 Olympics for London and international athletes, one thing is certain – booking ahead will be essential if you want to be a part of the magic, and those who turn up in London unprepared and hoping to find an available room at the last minute are bound to be disappointed.

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