Planning the Perfect Stag Party

If you’re ready to take the dive and tie the knot, you way as well go out in style! A stag party is the last chance for a man to make the most of his freedom and more importantly enjoy the company of his friends before they are destined for nights on the sofa and ‘couple’s parties’.

In the past most stag parties would venture to some large city in the UK but with the advent of budget airlines and backpackers hostels, many are travelling a little further. Top of the list is Eastern Europe or the Greek Islands but some people are going as far as Thailand or even Las Vegas. If you are planning one, you should consider if your friends will be able to afford what you have planned, the last thing you want is to exclude your best man because the flights are too expensive.

The key to success is in the planning; you can’t just wing it and hope for the best, you don’t want to waste something that doesn’t come along very often. Your planning should begin way in advance and if you have a wedding date make sure there is a period of recovery time before the big day, enough time for tattoos to be removed and eyebrows to grow back.

Once you have sorted where you are going and when you are going there, why not think about a theme, everyone enjoys spending time with the lads dressed like complete idiots! You will also discover it much easier to find each other in some unknown foreign nightclub if everyone is wearing fluorescent pink man-kinis. If you can’t think of a theme good enough then consider charity shop roulette, each person can spend 10 in a charity shop on a full outfit that they may or may not wear, then put each outfit in a black bin bag and hand them out at random, you MUST wear what you are given. This way everyone ends up wit ha horrendous outfit that they had no choice in buying, the outcome will be hilarious.

If you are going abroad you will probably go for a long weekend so unless you just want to recover during the day, it is worth considering some activities to make the weekend memorable. Paintballing ensures teamwork and competition, if you are all on the same side your friends and relations will all get to know each other a lot better, if you are on opposing sides you can take pleasure in turning each other purple.

One thing that is key to remember when going on a stag do is that most of the attendees other halves will probably have issue with them going and probably won’t be greeting them with open arms on their return, so try and make the whole debauchery seem a lot ‘tamer’ than it is, make everyone agree that ‘what goes on the stag do, stays on the stag do’, if there is need for a cover story make sure everyone is clear of what it is. Bringing home a gift for your loved one is also a good idea as it might make them forget about the pictures of you with strippers all over facebook!

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